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Pure Brazilian Beats

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Pure Brazilian Beats

Zero-G bring you the unmistakable flavour of Latin American drums in the 21st Century - the feel, the groove, the life. Performed & recorded in Brazil by in-demand session musician Duda Moura.

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Product Information

Zero-G bring you the unmistakable flavour of Latin American drums in the 21st Century - the feel, the groove, the life. Performed & recorded in Brazil by in-demand session musician Duda Moura.


Pure Brazilian Beats is an incredible collection of completely authentic Brazilian drum rhythms with an infectious feel, suitable for anyone with a desire to add rhythmic life to their productions.




Acoustic drum groove/loops including: samba, baião, axé, bossa nova, ijexá, samba reggae, samba rock, batucada, samba do Ilê, pagode, samba enrêdo, samba funk and other Brazilian fusion experiences.

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Press Reviews

"Brazilian beats and rhythms have always...

by Future Music Magazine, UK

"Brazilian beats and rhythms have always been a perennial favourite, and they're creeping into all sorts of genres these days (Underworld's Two Months Off springs to mind), and there's no denying the infectious latin flavour they can bring to any kind of track.

This latest offering shows off the talents of session musician Duda Moura as he drums his way through sambas, bossas, batucadas and the like to give a slice of 21st Century Latin American rhythms that work well for underpinning more conventional loops or simply to add the odd flourish here and there. Not a lot of variation, but for anyone that way inclined, it's money well spent."

"Never has a sample library been so...

by Computer Music Magazine, UK

"Never has a sample library been so aptly titled: this one really does purely feature Brazilian beats. As such, you'll probably have a good idea already as to whether or not it's going to be your thing. Things get off on the right foot with the news that the samples come in audio, Acid-ready .wav, aiff, Rex 2, EXS24 and Akai formats.

What's more, the playing - by Duda Moura - is accomplished: there are sessions in Ax, Balao, Bossa Nova, Frevo, Ijex, Samba, Samba-Funk, Speed Samba and Xote styles.
Listen to the audio and you quickly come to understand how these differ - the tempos range from 58bpm right up to 154bpm. There are plenty of variations in each style, too. Fans of Brazilian rhythms will lap this one up, but at this price, it might also be worth a punt if you fancy trying something a bit different."

Rated: 7/10

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