Award-winning NOISE DESIGN are masters of sound design: delivering outstanding sample packs that range from cutting-edge drum and bass, IDM, lo-fi hip hop, electronica, to downtempo, minimal, dub techno, jazz, chillwave, trip hop, and soundtrack themes.
Their mission is to empower producers of all skill levels to elevate their music to unparalleled heights of excellence!

Introducing 'Depth' by Noise Design. A premium sample pack tailored for producers of deep house, min...

Price $21.05 USD

£16.63 GBP

Noise Design presents 'Boards Of Electronica' by Rawtekk. This sample pack is tailor-made for nostal...

Price $21.05 USD

£16.63 GBP

Introducing 'The Thing' by Noise Design. Paying tribute to the greats of science fiction, mystery, a...

Price $26.32 USD

£20.79 GBP

Noise Design proudly presents 'Souvenirs 02'. Dive into a world reminiscent of a retro soundtrack, w...

Price $29.48 USD

£23.29 GBP

Noise Design proudly presents 'Souvenirs 01'. Exclusively produced for those with a passion for lo-f...

Price $31.60 USD

£24.96 GBP