Platinum Audiolab opened in 2010 and has made sample libraries available and loops for nearly every software sampler, hardware sampler and DAW sequencer and recently have added professional mastering and mixing services.

Their mission is to take an innovative approach to sample production, programming and studio expertise, and expand availability directly to a worldwide marketplace.

Their philosophy is that any production environment - and every producer - large or small, should have a solid foundation in working material and knowledge, without having to hunt around and jump through hoops to get it.

With increasing access to tools of modern technology, a huge shift is occuring in art, music and design. There are a lot of people doing a lot of creative stuff off of their laptops, out in doorms, down in basements - everywhere, and Platinum Audiolab wantsa to be a part of it.

Trap Beats XL

‘Trap Beats XL′ is an all-original drum loop library inspired by the musical productions of Lex Lugar, Gucci Ma...

Price $21.37 USD

£15.79 GBP

Club Anthems Dance Loops

... infuses your productions with the unmistakeable sound of Summer Dance festivals, featuring 10 Construction Kits...

Price $24.76 USD

£18.29 GBP

Super Snappy Snares HD

... is a library of nothing but super, snappy, wide snares. Any beatmaker would step up their game by using these i...

Price $14.61 USD

£10.79 GBP

Industrial Toolbox

... is a complete sample and loops library with a studio-ready palette full of machine-driven, floor-stomping, ear-...

Price $25.90 USD

£19.13 GBP

Twisted Soundscapes

'Twisted Sounscapes' is a sound designer and musical artist's dream. This is a genre-defying collection unlike any...

Price $25.90 USD

£19.13 GBP

Ultra Massive Dance Drums

... is a huge, hand-crafted drum kit pack with a deep sound styled specifically for Dance, House, Trance, Electroni...

Price $15.74 USD

£11.63 GBP

Hip Hop Orchestral Loops

... is a fully-loaded Construction Kit set with nine separate kits filled with drum, synth, and instrument loops th...

Price $28.14 USD

£20.79 GBP

Electro House Dance Loops

... features a highly polished sound and contains eight Construction Kits filled with drum and synth loops suitable...

Price $28.14 USD

£20.79 GBP