Shockwave are an exciting label from Eastern Europe, specialising in Sample Packs and Synthesizer Sounds for producers of styles including House, Electro, Tech-House, Trance and many other Dance genres. Their content is fresh, original and rapidly gaining popularity and Producer Loops is very happy to announce that all of Shockwave products are 100% exclusive to us! All products from Shockwave are deeper, harder and always deliver the best quality. From producer to producer, you can be sure that all their releases are on the right on the pulse of the current trends in Dance music.

Future Bounce MIDI Vol 1

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'Essential Future Bounce MIDI Vol 1' is the newest powerful melody pack from Shockwave's new Future Bounce series....

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Essential Future Bounce Vol 2

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... from Shockwave is the secound in a new collection of full tracks including drop loops, drop MIDI loops, lead lo...

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Essential Future Bounce Vol 1

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'Essential Future Bounce Vol 1' is the answer for current genre needs for every serious producer. A mixture of t...

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Shockwave Bundle 2016

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'Shockwave Bundle 2016' is the first mega bundle from Shockwave Samples, featuring their hottest products all in...

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