Sonics Empire is an audio label intent on supplying producers, musicians and beat-makers with professional industry-quality sounds, loops, samples and instrumentals.

They provide a variety of products from Sound Kits to MIDI & WAV Loops, Sample Collections, Kontakt Libraries and Sound Presets & Banks.

Their products cover styles as diverse as Ambient, Hip Hop, Cinematic, Soul, R&B, Trap, TrapSoul, East Coast, West Coast, Old School, Pop and beyond.

All of Sonics Empire products are 100% Royalty-Free.

Last Supper

    ... from Sonics Empire features melodies, drums, and vocals, as well as MIDI files of different melodies for you to...

    $12.57 USD

    £9.17 GBP


      ... by Sonics Empire is a sample pack that covers a large number of styles inspired by the psychedelia of the 1960s...

      $9.94 USD

      £7.25 GBP


        ... by Sonics Empire features melodic content created using dark, vintage, electric sounds to give you an instant i...

        $8.22 USD

        £6.00 GBP

        Chord Selection 3

          ... by Sonics Empire is the third instalment packed with outstanding chords, melodies and vocal samples. This pack...

          $19.42 USD

          £14.17 GBP

          Vox Rebirth

            ... by Sonics Empire features 56 professionally recorded, edited, chopped and processed Vocal Samples to spice up a...

            $12.57 USD

            £9.17 GBP

            Traptor for Sylenth1

              'Traptor' is a Sylenth1 VSTi Sounbank from Sonics Empire. A collection of Presets to create Trap, Hip Hop and Afro...

              $13.71 USD

              £10.00 GBP

              Trap Avengers Vol. 2

                ... is the second installment of a series of innovative samples that will catapult your production to the top of th...

                $12.57 USD

                £9.17 GBP

                Pixel Lo-Fi

                  ... by Sonics Empire is a formidable collection of Construction Kits built with a mixture of Lo-Fi and futuristic s...

                  $10.28 USD

                  £7.50 GBP

                  Trap Avengers Vol.1

                    ... by Sonics Empire is the first installment of a brand new series of innovative samples that will catapult your p...

                    $8.57 USD

                    £6.25 GBP

                    Retro Vibes

                      ... by Sonics Empire is a "retro futuristic" pack inspired by Bryson Tiller's album 'True To Self' and The Weeknd's...

                      $10.28 USD

                      £7.50 GBP

                      Loopstars Bundle Vol.1

                        'Loopstars Bundle Vol. 1' by Sonics Empire features 5 Construction Kits loaded with the finest Melody Loops, Drum L...

                        $12.57 USD

                        £9.17 GBP

                        Hustle Mindset

                          ... by Sonics Empire features 5 Construction Kits of hard Trap music composed with the highest quality available....

                          $12.57 USD

                          £9.17 GBP


                            'Dolores' by Sonics Empire is a collection of Sample Loops carefully designed and created for Hip Hop, Trap and Old...

                            $8.51 USD

                            £6.21 GBP


                              ... by Sonic Empire is a 100% Hits Loop Kit. This time Sonic Empire decided to get extra picky with the production...

                              $12.57 USD

                              £9.17 GBP

                              Classy Vibez

                                ... by Sonics Empire features premium Jazz, Soul and Groove sounds inspired by OVO Artists....

                                $10.28 USD

                                £7.50 GBP

                                808 Renaissance

                                  ... by Sonics Empire is a unique library of drums created for modern music producers for genres such as Trap, R&B,...

                                  $35.4 USD

                                  £25.83 GBP

                                  Chord Selection Vol  2

                                    'Chord Selection 2' by Sonics Empire is the second installment of this series packed with outstanding analogue, wid...

                                    $13.09 USD

                                    £9.55 GBP

                                    Feeling Blues

                                      ... by Sonics Empire is a vocal sample pack created by Sonics Empire. Producers of this product also wanted to pack...

                                      $13.08 USD

                                      £9.54 GBP

                                      Chord Selection Vol 1

                                        ... by Sonics Empire is packed with outstanding analogue, wide, rich and warm sounds and loops. This pack is design...

                                        $9.14 USD

                                        £6.67 GBP


                                          ... by Sonics Empire is a Trap collection of original samples with WAV Stems and their accompanying MIDI files, per...

                                          $18.27 USD

                                          £13.33 GBP

                                          Rhythm Percs

                                            ... by Sonics Empire is a new Stems sample pack mainly focused on rhythmic percussion and melodies using high-end s...

                                            $12.57 USD

                                            £9.17 GBP


                                              ... by Sonics Empire contains a carefully selected range of 12 Stems packs with MIDI files and drum kits inside plu...

                                              $18.11 USD

                                              £13.21 GBP