... from Sample Tools by Cr2 contains a bank of 100 beautifully-crafted preset files, including configurations for...

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    ... from Nano Musik Loops features a Progressive Trance FL Studio Project. Get your hands on this EDM project with...

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    ... from Sample Tools by Cr2 is an exclusive collection of sounds inspired by the likes of Solomun, SevenDoors, And...

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    ... is just what the title suggests, this is the next ultimate KSHMR inspired sample pack by Big EDM Sounds. This p...

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    ... hones in on the details and intricacies that make up the rich tapestry of dance music today.ST2 samples will ad...

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    'Generation: Sylenth Bank' by Cartel Loops is a sound set which contains 56 presets featuring bass, 808s, keys, lea...

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      ... is packed with a variety of smooth and melodic inspirational sounds, blending dusty Hip Hop melodies, downtempo...

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      ... contains all Diginoiz Sylenth products in one place at a special price. Perfect for RnB, Trap and Hip Hop to Ho...

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      ... from Diginoiz is a collection of 64 Sylenth1 presets closed in one bank file. Inspired by The Weeknd, PartyNext...

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