TD Audio is a sampling label committed to giving you top notch samples across a wide range of styles and genres.

Modern Acid Techno

    ... by TD Audio is TD Audio's first ever Acid Techno creation. Experience top quality Acid Audio to twist up and dr...

    $19.68 USD

    £14.13 GBP

    Global Tech-house

      'Global Tech-House' by TD Audio returns with another banging Tech-house pack for the modern producer. We love Tech-...

      $20.83 USD

      £14.96 GBP

      Brooklyn Tech-House

        ... by TD Audio delivers all the goods you will need to further your ideas and power up your next creation. Brookly...

        $25.47 USD

        £18.29 GBP

        Modular House

          ... by TD Audio is a forward thinking sample collection for the modern House Music Producer. This collection is gea...

          $19.68 USD

          £14.13 GBP

          New York Tech House

            ... by TD Audio is a pack aimed at bringing that New York City Tech-House sound right into your DAW....

            $29.01 USD

            £20.83 GBP

            Pop Vocals

              'Vocal Pop' by TD Audio features 10 Pop Vocals Kits inspired by the styles and sounds of Ariana Grande, Ellie Gould...

              $40.56 USD

              £29.13 GBP