TSY Music is a music label founded by Moscow-based award-winning producer and musician Anton Tsygankov, who has worked with the majority of Russian Pop stars, has done audio work for internationally renowned acts and Eurovision contest participants and has traveled around over 30 countries with Disco-Pop bands as a touring guitar player. 
A national and international award-winner in his own right, with over 25 years of experience in the music industry, Anton boasts many prizes from numerous international and national music contests, and graduated from the renowned Gnesins College of Music and Institute of Modern Arts in Moscow.
At TSY Music & Beats, we strive for the highest in quality, and we stand behind our sample packs and services. We understand that many of our clients and producers may not have that much knowledge in music theory, but instead have a certain "radar" perfectly tuned to compose modern music the right way! And so, we got you covered.
We don't just fill sample packs with random samples that are unrelated to each other. Instead, we match virtually all of our released sample packs, so that each one consists of perfectly arranged tracks and parts that you can assemble and disassemble any way you want.
You can build dozens of full tracks just by using one of our TSY sample packs. And the best part is, you won't have to spend years learning music theory... or even learning how to play musical instruments.