United Plugins is a group of independent Plugin Developers who live and breathe music production. United Plugins' captivating range is created by artists for artists. Their production team includes Artists, Producers and Sound Engineers all driven by ONE unifying goal; to create audio tools they would like to use in their own recording studios and musical projects. We sincerely hope these plugins will find their place in your creative chain. Try them, use them and please provide us with valuable feedback. Most of the United Plugins range includes Plugins in AU, AAX, VST2 and VST3 formats. We also offer Free Trials for the majority of their products. If you have any questions about United Plugins then please contact us.

Ergonomy means efficiency. Most (even great sounding) guitar software products on the market suffer from the lack o...

Price $69.54 USD

£56.13 GBP


Although it looks easy, mixing acoustic guitar, ukulele or mandolin is a very hard job. So many things can go wrong...

Price $45.37 USD

£36.62 GBP


'Bassment' from United Plugins includes dedicated controls for low, mid and high bass frequencies, along with 200 a...

Price $100.09 USD

£80.79 GBP


Mastering is the final step before your track is released. It's not only designed to make your signal louder, but a...

Price $103.18 USD

£83.29 GBP


Mirror is a reverse negative delay Plugin, which means the reverse effect is heard before the original sound. This...

Price $56.73 USD

£45.79 GBP


Nanopulse is a powerful Transient Shaper Plugins from United Plugins. Get ready to add power and punch to your atta...

Price $61.89 USD

£49.96 GBP


'MorphVerb' is a highly versatile Reverb Plugin in AU, AAX, VST2 and VST3 formats. It includes all of the reverbs y...

Price $133.18 USD

£107.50 GBP