Your Local Musician provides Guitar Loops and Sample Packs to Music Producers Worldwide along with tutorials, marketing tips and much more.

Mini Melody Sample Pack

    The Mini Melody Sample Pack is the first in a series of sample packs containing 5 full melody loops that are guaran...

    Price $5.52 USD

    £4.17 GBP

    Ashes - Rhythm Guitar Loops

      ... by Your Local Musician consists of a set of 15 rhythm guitar loops with additional lead lines, played all on El...

      Price $16.54 USD

      £12.50 GBP

      Magic 8

        ... by Your Local Musician is a set of Melodic Guitar Loops, also featuring MIDI Files, STEMS and much more....

        Price $8.83 USD

        £6.67 GBP

        Pick n Mix  Chill Melody Loops

          'Pick n Mix' by Your Local Musician presents a fantastic selection of Chill Melody Loops. 100% Royalty-Free....

          Price $11.02 USD

          £8.33 GBP

          Lo-Fi Guitar Loops Bundle

            ... by Your Local Musician includes all three sample packs from their best-selling series, perfect for any producer...

            Price $33.09 USD

            £25.00 GBP

            Pie: Calm Guitar Loops

              ... by Your Local Producer presents 21 fresh Guitar Loops and Stems, Loops ranging from 70 BPM to 140 BPM, also pro...

              Price $16.54 USD

              £12.50 GBP

              Views: Ambient Guitar Loops

                ... by Your Local Musician brings 20 fresh Guitar Loops and Stems. The Loops range from 80 BPM to 110 BPM, processe...

                Price $16.54 USD

                £12.50 GBP

                Glitch Bundle

                  ... from Your Local Musician is an exclusive collection of 8 Sample Packs featuring over 10GB of sounds including 3...

                  Price $66.18 USD

                  £50.00 GBP

                  Journey Chill Guitar Loops

                    ... by Your Local Musician is the first instalment in a string of chill guitar loop packs from Your Local Musician...

                    Price $16.54 USD

                    £12.50 GBP

                    Re Amp Vol 1

                      ... by Your Local Musician contains over 30+ Re Amped Atmospheric Loops including Stems and Original Versions creat...

                      Price $11.02 USD

                      £8.33 GBP

                      The Black Bag Vol 1

                        The Black Bag Vol 1 by Your Local Musician features 10 deconstructed instrumentals broken down into Melody Loops, D...

                        Price $16.54 USD

                        £12.50 GBP

                        Anthology Electric Guitar Edition

                          ... by Your Local Musician is the sample pack that can teach you Music Theory, including over 2000+ Chords organise...

                          Price $44.11 USD

                          £33.33 GBP

                          Snowdon Charity Loops Pack

                            ... by Your Local Musician contains a collection of 50+ high-quality loops that come production-ready to use in you...

                            Price $27.57 USD

                            £20.83 GBP