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Beats Working

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Beats Working

ZERO-G, in association with Schtum Ltd, are proud to bring you BEATS WORKING, the highly acclaimed drum groove library recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2 in London.

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Product Information

ZERO-G, in association with Schtum Ltd, are proud to bring you BEATS WORKING, the highly acclaimed drum groove library recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2 in London.


Beats Working offers an indispensable toolbox of immaculately recorded, highly usable drum performances, with Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, Drop and Fills of every performance, covering a diverse selection of musical styles from classic pop to big band.


In addition, multiple kicks, snares (both modern and vintage), toms, cymbals and hats were recorded at multiple velocities, giving you the ultimate flexibility to design your own kit.


More info...


Recorded by top recording and mix engineer Haydn Bendall (28 years experience at Abbey Road and a first-choice engineer of many megastars), and performed by top session drummer Ralph Salmins, the sound and performances are impeccable. Utilising high-end esoteric microphone pre-amps, and a direct signal path to a Euphonics R1, it is hard to imagine a purer, cleaner signal path.


Abbey Road Studio 2 is the studio made famous by the Beatles, and it hasn't changed a Bit from the 60s - a beautiful sounding room with a very smooth natural decay, and one of the very finest recording rooms in the world. Now you have the power to recreate this very environment for your drum tracks. Abbey Road Studio 2 comes alive in your own studio, allowing you unlimited access to a piece of music history!


Recording information...

The Drums were placed about 4 metres in front of the fire exit doors facing the control room.


Microphone List:

Bass Drum


• Neumann FET 47


Snare Drum


• Shure SM 57




• Neumann KM 84i




• Shure SM 57's



• B&K 4011's




• Neumann U 87ai's


Far Ambience

•Neumann M 50's


Distant Ambience

• Neumann TLM 170's

Suitable Genres

License Agreement

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Press Reviews

"Thick, meaty, rock-solid beats with...

by Keyboard Magazine, USA

"Thick, meaty, rock-solid beats with attitude.. Very impressive drumming and recording quality.. The tones and grooves really are luscious.. This is one of the most impressive drum loop collections I've heard from a tone, taste, and recording quality point of view.. It's a Key Buy Award winner"

"A solid, traditional library that...

by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

"A solid, traditional library that benefits from the extensive musical experience of its creators. The pop work feels contemporary.. Recorded in a prime location with great acoustics, and superbly engineered.. Haydn and Ralph have also worked on many soundtrack sessions with top names like John Williams and Hans Zimmer, which is fitting, as Beats Working was obviously conceived with the big screen in mind.. The beats stay focused on providing usable backings, and the playing is disciplined and unfussy. After hearing countless sample CDs of drummers with hyperactive right feet, this comes as a huge relief.. The variations are exactly what's required for song construction; the playing is controlled, firm, and unwavering, the loops are perfectly edited, and everything fits together seamlessly. Nice work.. Ralph Salmins plays with good, accurate feel and tempo and the big, roomy Abbey Road sound adds a lovely feeling of space"

"An exhaustive and smokin' collection of...

by EQ Magazine, USA

"An exhaustive and smokin' collection of loops.. Salmins displays a command of many different feels on a drool-worthy collection of vintage drums.. Bendall captures their character expertly. Having all this material opens up many creative possibilities.. One of the most impressive and eminently useable drum loop collections I've heard.. Beats Working is a monster library from top to bottom, front to back"

"Very cool. Moreover, this library...

by Electronic Music Magazine, USA

"Very cool. Moreover, this library boasts a noteworthy pedigree. Producer-engineer Haydn Bendall - whose credits include Kate Bush, XTC, and Paul McCartney - recorded the drums in Abbey Road's gorgeous-sounding Studio 2. Behind the kit was drummer Ralph Salmins, whose diverse credits run from Tom Jones to Madonna to Björk.. The CD booklet - one of the best I've seen for a loop library - includes a brief but helpful description for each groove.. Among my favorites are the swaying groove of African Style 9/8 118 bpm; the smooth and lovely MK Brush 70 bpm; and the great-feeling, totally solid groove of Medium Pop Tight 94 bpm.. The Beats Working library also includes a variety of jazz grooves, including several big-band "Crooner" grooves and Jazz Brushes 118 bpm, with its easy-flowing feel and beautiful timbre. Speaking of timbre, all the material sounds absolutely fantastic.. Great-sounding drums played in a classic room and recorded by a skilled engineer"

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