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Dance Vocals


    Dance Vocals

    Vocal ad-libs, hooks and phrases. This very popular professional vocal sample collection features the talents of Moya Ruskin, Eliza Emery, Kaz Lewis, Martin Stanesby and Conroy Ellis. Includes almost 400 soulful vocals.

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    Zero-G Dance Vocals features Vocal ad-libs, hooks and phrases. This very popular professional vocal sample collection features the talents of Moya Ruskin, Eliza Emery, Kaz Lewis, Martin Stanesby and Conroy Ellis.


    Quality vocal samples are hard to find, but here's a superb selection performed with real commitment and feeling, which can put that elusive magic touch on your next dance music production.


    Features Male and Female ad-libs (verbal & non-verbal), rap and even vocoder. Almost 400 soulful vocals in WAV format.


    Demo Loops


    Dance Vocals Sample 1 (WAV)

    Dance Vocals Sample 2 (WAV)

    Dance Vocals Sample 3 (WAV)

    Dance Vocals Sample 4 (WAV)

    Dance Vocals Sample 5 (WAV)

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    Press Reviews

    "Female hooks and ad-libs - anonymous...

    by Future Music Magazine (UK)

    "Female hooks and ad-libs - anonymous vocals are in vogue one week, out the next, so it's always handy to have a supply Iying around in case Jocelyn Brown is otherwise engaged. There are almost 400 on this disc plenty of soulful Oohs, Yeahs, I Want Yous and Take Me Highers, plus the odd gospel touch (Have Mercy!). An Alexander O'Neal type takes the mic for 50 or so Heys and Oooo-Oooos, then Conroy raps 50 times in patoise overdrive Hey rude boy, Bad boy bass, Come thru wid D riddims, and so on. Could you use those without feeling selfconscious? Me neither.

    What are missing are details of the key centres around which the phrases were sung - a surprising oversight given the clarity of other discs in the series. A good dose of diva screaming (for those club killers) without the florid Mariah Careyisms would have upped the score; a few tracks of harmony would have helped too. Still, Dance Vocals is reasonable value for money in a genre where one good throatful can make all the difference."

    "Finding usable acappellas that won't...

    by The Mix Magazine (UK)

    "Finding usable acappellas that won't get you sued is tough enough. Finding usable vocals that have never been used before is nigh-on impossible and session singers don't come cheap. What's the answer? Dance Vocals from Creative Essentials, that's what! I have to admit that when I saw the title 'Dance Vocals', I immediately adopted a certain amount of cynicism towards the CD's contents. However, this cynicism was soon erased when I delved into the selection.

    There's a host of vocal samples, male and female, which include words, phrases and lyrics as well as simple stabs and noises. There's even some quality rapping towards the end, with some tasty vocoder words to round off the CD. There isn't a hint of naffness to this product, and that appears to be a trait inherant to the Creative Essentials series. The samples are well recorded and are performed by talented session singers.

    Every sample is dry, raw and ready for action. I much prefer vocal samples presented dry and mono, as you are not limited to any particular sound. Anyhow, Dance Vocals will give you hours of sampling fun and offers the opportunity to create some highly professional results. This title utilises the talents of Moya Ruskin, Eliza Emery, Kaz Lewis, Martin Stanesby, and Conroy Ellis. Stick that in your sampler and timestretch it!"

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