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Interface Dance

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Interface Dance

It's difficult to come up with a winner when there are masses of superb dance sample libraries out there, but Interface Dance has definitely cracked it.

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It's difficult to come up with a winner when there are masses of superb dance sample libraries out there, but Interface Dance has definitely cracked it.


Interface Dance encompasses many areas of dance production including Nu-NRG / Euro, Techno / Industrial, House/Garage, R&B / HipHop, Jungle and Hardcore.


Samples for each category include Drum Loops, Hits, Synth & Bass multisamples (includes Matrix's , Jupiters, Moogs etc). Vocal Shouts / Ad-libs and special FX.


Instruments specific to sections include TB303 basslines, Horn hits & stabs, Piano, Sax & Hammond Organ multisamples, Guitar riffs, MC/Ragga Vocals and more...




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Press Reviews

Awarded Future Music Platinum Award

by Future Music Magazine, UK

Awarded Future Music Platinum Award

This well thought out sample CD is sectionalised for your convenience. It has six distinct dance categories: Euro; Techno/Industrial; House/Garage; R&B/Hip-Hop; Jungle; and Hardcore. Each of these is carefully structured with loops and breaks opening each musical genre, followed by drums, synths, basses, effects and vocals - all the ingredients needed to brew up a complete piece of music in a certain style.

Each section contains specialised samples synonymous with the style - so you get heaps of synth stabs for making aggravatingly catchy lead lines in Euro Dance and extra 303 lines within the techno line up, and so on. The samples themselves are very high in quality and you can easily mix 'n' match from different categories, so if techno is your bag, you should still be able to find sounds from all the other sections. In fact, there is little that can be said against Interface Dance. Individual tempos are not listed but because they are style grouped, you will roughly know what the tempo is anyway. An essential for any dance musician.

One of the latest in a barrage of...

by The Mix Magazine, UK

One of the latest in a barrage of dance-related sample CDs, Interface Dance is by no means one-of-a-kind. It does, however, offer a wide range of noises and effects that represent many moods of dance, however cheesy they may be. Do not buy this CD if you're expecting something fresh and innovative. It merely offers a usable library of 'dancey' sounds, and not all will be to everyone's palette. The CD is split into six sections, the first entitled NuNRG/Euro, followed by Techno/Industrial, House/Garage, R&B/Hip Hop, Jungle, and Hardcore.

Each section offers a comprehensive list of samples, including drums and percussion, synths, special effects, basses, stabs and vocals. In my view, the vocals were weaker than many of the other sounds. They were all performed by the same run-ofthe-mill singer who crooned such gems as 'ooh, yeah', and 'dance to the music'. We are, however, offered a sumptuous selection of drum samples which to my mind represent one of the best selections of dance drums on one CD for some time. If you're looking for a particular kick, Interface Dance should shorten your quest.

There's some very usable bass sounds, too. All the acidic-style basses are here as well as classics such as the 'TX81Z Solid Bass' and various Moog-style basses. There's also a stock of fairly tasty 303 passes in the Techno/lndustrial group. With all the filter tweaks you could desire, these promise to be Interface Dance favourites. The Jungle section was great, and I think they've interpreted this with more success than the House/Garage section.

Authentic jungle drum loops are supplied which have been twisted and timestretched beyond recognition. Male vocal stabs are timestretched so radically as to create the characteristically broken-up sound that was abused by Josh Wink in his massive hit 'Higher State Of Consciousness'.

These are some of the strongest sounds on the CD. On the whole, Interface Dance isn't bad and offers a wide library of sounds. Newcomers to dance production will probably find this CD exciting and incredibly useful, while those with more experience will probably find use for some of the samples.

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