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Club Drum Track Builders Sample Pack

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Equinox Sounds

Club Drum Track Builders

Royalty-Free drum loops and drum sounds from Equinox Sounds, aimed at music producers looking to program their own club-oriented rhythms.

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Product Information

Club Drum Track Builders from Equinox Sounds contains all of the primary elements required for Dance music producers looking to program their own club-orientated rhythms and beats.


This sample pack is organized into 3 folders containing the following elements: no-kick dance drum loops, single drum loop elements (kick drum loops, snare drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion, etc...) and a third folder with 285 single drum sounds. The loops are presented in REX2 format so you can use them at virtually any tempo as they automatically adjust to your arrangement.
Club Drum Track Builders will allow you to create your own dancefloor beats by giving you the flexibility of combining drum loops with hundreds of other single drum loops elements that you can mix and match.
If you create club-orientated music (Trance, Techno, Industrial, Electro, Deep House, Progressive, etc) then the endless groove combination possibilities in this sample pack will provide essential ingredients for your future music!



• 200 no-kick Dance drum loops in REX2 format, (each loop with 2-3 variations)
• Folder with 390 individual drum loop elements (kick drum loops, snare drum loops, hi-hat loops, percussion loops, breakbeat loops, drum rolls and FX loops). All in REX2 format
• 285 individual drum sounds in 44KHz/16-Bit WAV format featuring kick drums, snares, hi-hats, percussion hits, crash cymbals, claps and reverse cymbals
• All loops are 44KHz/16Bit REX2 format
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Total Content: 224.07 MB




Propellerheads' proprietary REX2 format allows time stretching in compatible software and can be imported into the Stylus RMX virtual instrument, Cubase, Reason, Logic, Digital Performer and many other audio programs supporting REX format files.

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