Golden Beats & Chill Hop

    ... from CAPSUN ProAudio presents an innovative blend of custom crafted drum samples, crackling vinyl keys and lo-f...

    $40.09 USD

    £29.95 GBP


    Designer Drums

      ... is the ultimate collection of loops, one-shots, fills & FX for the beat connoisseur. These vintage style drums...

      $22.26 USD

      £16.63 GBP

      LA Beat Scene

        ... is a stunning example of the eclectic influences that inspired the scenes great producers. From Flying Lotus to...

        $26.77 USD

        £20.00 GBP


        MIDI Gold

        ... from 2Deep is equipped with 13 of the hottest compositions ranging from hardcore Trap, inspirational melodies a...

        Was $33.47 USD

        $25.10 USD

        £18.75 GBP


        Raw Funk

          ... is an analogue-heavy collection of live recorded instruments and precision-crafted drums, keys & synths from th...

          $22.26 USD

          £16.63 GBP

          The North Vol 4

          ... from Bang Bang Productions brings you five Construction Kits filled with that sought after sound from the North...

          $24.54 USD

          £18.33 GBP


          Live Hip Hop & RnB Guitars

          ... is a amazing collection of live electric guitar loops perfect for Hip Hop and RnB. If you're looking to add som...

          $12.82 USD

          £9.58 GBP


          Cinematic Hip Hop Vol 2

          • 40% off

          ... marks the triumphant return of this epic, silver screen-esque series of Construction Kits from Producer Loops....

          Was $27.83 USD

          $16.71 USD

          £12.48 GBP


          TrapLoftD Melodic

            'TrapLoftD Melodic' is a brand new melody-only series from LGND. This collection brings six melodic Construction Ki...

            $15.46 USD

            £11.55 GBP

            Minimal Trap Bundle (Vols 4-6)

            • 40% off

            ... from Urban Elite combines the latest three volumes of this influencial series into one incredible bundle pack,...

            Was $55.73 USD

            $33.44 USD

            £24.98 GBP


            Ultimate Glitch Hop

              ... from Mainroom Warehouse are excited to release these 10 Construction Kits including WAV, MIDI and Serum presets...

              $17.84 USD

              £13.33 GBP


              All Damn Everythang

              • 50% off

              ... is the newest release of this hard-hitting series of sample packs. Containing five Construction Kits, and inspi...

              Was $20.08 USD

              $10.04 USD

              £7.50 GBP


              Noise 3

              • 35% off

              'Noise 3' is a street-inspired Kit from Cartel Loops. It contains a collection of five bangin' hood compositions wi...

              Was $16.73 USD

              $10.88 USD

              £8.13 GBP

              Lowrider Legendary

              • 50% off

              "Lowrider Legendary" from Rebel Nation Audio brings you 5 Construction Kits from the West Side packed with the drum...

              Was $25.66 USD

              $12.82 USD

              £9.58 GBP

              Cinematic Hip Hop Vol 1

              • 40% off

              ... from Producer Loops is the first in a Block-busting series of deep, dark and brooding Construction Kit librarie...

              Was $27.83 USD

              $16.71 USD

              £12.48 GBP


              Dope Samples Vol 2

              ... provides you with some of the grittiest, rawest sounding Royalty-Free samples with nearly 1 GB of sample conten...

              Was $37.92 USD

              $26.55 USD

              £19.83 GBP

              Excellence Bundle

              ... contains three high quality products in one. It was created to provide high-end sound for these producers who d...

              Was $44.62 USD

              $37.92 USD

              £28.33 GBP

              Deep Urban Grooves Vol 2

              • 40% off

              ... marks the return of this chilled-out series inspired by forward-thinking artists including Drake, The Weeknd &...

              Was $33.41 USD

              $20.05 USD

              £14.98 GBP

              Soulful Hip Hop

                ... includes over 500 MB of soulful Hip Hop samples, featuring a huge selection of dusty Jazz and R&B inspired chor...

                $20.03 USD

                £14.96 GBP

                Synthwave Hip Hop

                  ... from Sample Diggers is an expertly crafted micro sample pack containing 107 loops & one-shot samples that gives...

                  $20.01 USD

                  £14.95 GBP

                  Raw Drums

                  • 40% off

                  ... harnesses the power of a live drummer and a rich acoustic environment to bring you 240 raw, unprocessed drums w...

                  Was $22.26 USD

                  $13.36 USD

                  £9.98 GBP


                  Skylines 4

                    ... is the return of the chart topping Hip Hop series from LGND. This minimal yet mesmerising collection of five Co...

                    $18.55 USD

                    £13.86 GBP