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ReQuencer V2

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ReQuencer V2

ReQuencer V2 has warmly embraced the coming of Thor and the RPG-8 module. Thanks to Thor's sonic capabilities ReQuencer has become more than only a great sequencing tool...

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ReQuencer V2 has warmly embraced the coming of Thor and the RPG-8 module. Features crisp, warm, agressesive, deep and fat analogish patches.


ReQuencer - RACK VIEW


Time to celebrate... Especially for Trance and Techno heads!


With great pride we announce the release of ReQuencer V2, which blows away its predecessor. All original patches have been updated but still sound the same, so nothing got lost. We added tons of new things: 200 extra combinators, 150 new Thor patches and a lot more!


Reason 4 and up


ReQuencer V2 has warmly embraced the coming of Thor and the RPG-8 module. Thanks to Thor's sonic capabilities ReQuencer has become more than only a great sequencing tool: ReQuencer V2 is a wonderful resource for crisp, warm, agressesive, deep and fat analogish patches. We embedded a small extra refill into RQV2 carrying lots of emulation patches inspired by Moog's legendary synthesizer the Source. We even programmed the well-known and characterful tuning instabilities but everything can be easily corrected tuning wise if you like a more straight, modern sound.




• Almost 350 combinators containing great sounds, tons of RPG-8 settings and 1500+ transposable, tweakable Matrix phrases.

• Almost 350 modules patches have been optimized for easy changing while keeping the desired phrases. Just open up a combinator and browse conveniently to different patches for Thor, Subtractor and Malström!

• All phrases are copyright free for rightful owners of ReQuencer V2.

• As an extra bonus you'll get a tr-808 and tr-909 sample set included in ReQuencer.

• As an extra extra bonus you'll get lots of "Classic Analog" patches inspired by the Source by Moog.

Most patches are cpu friendly.

• Every matrix combinator carries a transpose and change pattern knob. 

• ReQuencer is an excellent refill to use for live gigs! Great for Trance and Techno, but also a nice resource for ambient and other electronic styles.


ReQuencer V2 - Thor Rack


Classic Analog Sound Emulation


Given Thor's massive functionality it was quite simple to copy an old vintage synth like the Source. All sounds in the classic analog folder first have been built in the original Source and then copied into Thor studying the original parameter settings and using our ears for finetuning. Thor is a great piece of software and made it possible for us to come very close. Every patch has a "non-velocity" version and a "modern velocity" counterpart. Copying the Source was big fun of course but it wouldn't do justice to Thor to leave it just there. So we've built over 150 Thor patches to complete your sound pallette. Many of those Thor patches can also be found in our RPG-8 combinators as well in the "Patch" section of our main combinator folder.


The Matrix Combinators


Matrix Combinators


The Matrix Combinators were the heart of ReQuencer's first version. The 1500+ phrases are still there and have been kept unaltered soundwise. Every pattern knob has now a "pattern = zero" function as well (Reason 4 made this possible for us) which is a great addition convenience wise since you can now start and stop the phrases more easily than before. We also optimized all subtractor and malström patches for easy browsing after having opened up the combinator. For easy editing in your sequencer window you can copy the matrix phrase to the combinator track, but then don't forget to disable the matrix.


The RPG-8 Combinators


RPG-8 Combinators


Reason's arpeggiator is a nifty tool. It adds that certain extra thing everyone clearly missed before Reason 4 showed up into our lives. Every RPG-8 combinator has a hold-button. The hold function is great for live gigs and checking key combinations but for making tracks you might want to hush the RPG-8 a little and record your key performances into the sequencer window. Press F8 and adjust the note lenghts in the legato adjustment tool which is by far the most convenient way to work with arpeggios while creating your tracks in Reason. 


In many combinators we used matrixes to musically change the RPG-8 functions to get to more complex melodies while pressing the keys. Those patch names will always end with the addition [run] to remind you of the fact that Reason should be running to hear the desired results. You can also push the "Run Pattern Devices" and then play your keyboard to hear the matrixes trigger the RPG-8 functions.

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