Sonic Flavours are a sample developer, based in the Netherlands. They produce a fantastic range of Reason Refills, which are available for instant download at this website. Whether you need patches for Thor, Combinators or Malström Sounds, you will find what you need here. These products are excellent value and truly first class!

Boo: Horror & Suspense

    Boo: Horror & Suspense is the most unpleasant but great sounding product for film composers, game freaks, ambient a...

    $45.98 USD

    £33.29 GBP

    Signature Workstation

      Signature Workstation is the first Reason Refill from leading Reason Refill developer, Sonic Flavours. The must-ha...

      $72.46 USD

      £52.46 GBP

      Hot Bass Loops

        Hot Bass Loops features loops suitable for many genres including House, Lounge, Soul, Dub, Jazz, Funk and Disco. It...

        $26.42 USD

        £19.13 GBP

        Nature's Call

          Nature's Call is for Reason 3.04 and higher. Invite the sound of Nature into Reason with loads of incredible nature...

          $74.76 USD

          £54.13 GBP

          Red Mouse Workstation

            Red Mouse Workstation for Reason 3.04 and higher explores worlds that have never been conquered before in Reason. C...

            $83.96 USD

            £60.79 GBP

            Red Mouse Meets Thor

              This Reason 4 compatible refill is an add-on product but can be used separately. Features over 250 patches that sho...

              $37.93 USD

              £27.46 GBP

              Sarah Talks

                Over 400 words and phrases conveniently put together into combinators which are easy to tweak. Besides this you'll...

                $37.93 USD

                £27.46 GBP

                Sonic Flutes

                  5 beautiful flutes carefully sampled and programmed for extreme high realism while played on your keyboard....

                  $37.93 USD

                  £27.46 GBP

                  Marcel's Flute Shop

                    Marcel's Flute Shop features 5 ethnic flutes carefully sampled. Extreme high realism when played on your keyboard a...

                    $57.48 USD

                    £41.62 GBP

                    Fluity Loops

                      Fluity Loops is a part of our Marcel's Flute Shop refill but is also available seperately for those who only want t...

                      $28.71 USD

                      £20.79 GBP

                      40 Trance Leads

                        Trance is evolving slowly towards new atmospheres. BPMs are slowing down and there is more room for experimentation...

                        $19.30 USD

                        £13.97 GBP

                        Home Piano Premium

                          Over 50 great piano patches! This piano Reason Refill features less clean, not so perfectly pitched but warm sound...

                          $34.24 USD

                          £24.79 GBP

                          The Beat Matrix

                            225 ReQuencer style combinators containing hip hop drumloops constructed in such a way that you can combine everyt...

                            $36.61 USD

                            £26.51 GBP

                            Hip Hop Flavours

                              Hip Hop Flavours is an incredibly versatile source of inspiration for Hip Hop producers. Alongside the 900+ MB Reas...

                              $106.01 USD

                              £76.75 GBP

                              2-Track Archives

                                Hundreds of analog recorded orchestral and instrumental performances sampled into great clips and stabs plus 200...

                                $36.61 USD

                                £26.51 GBP

                                ReQuencer V2

                                  ReQuencer V2 has warmly embraced the coming of Thor and the RPG-8 module. Thanks to Thor's sonic capabilities ReQue...

                                  $58.99 USD

                                  £42.71 GBP

                                  Massive Progressive

                                    A massive resource kit for progressive house, trance and other progressive dance styles. Features 250 combinators,...

                                    $58.99 USD

                                    £42.71 GBP