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Tribal Percussion

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5Pin Media

Tribal Percussion

'Tribal Percussion' from 5Pin Media fuses the vibrant and dynamic sounds of real, authentic percussion with Electro, House and Techno vibes in this 1.9GB multi-format journey through contemporary world music. Minimal but expert production and playable patches make this a versatile and unmissable library.

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  • 1.90GB (Unzipped)
  • 2 min 23 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 3415 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Tribal Percussion' from 5Pin Media fuses the vibrant and dynamic sounds of real, authentic percussion with Electro, House and Techno vibes in this 1.9GB multi-format journey through contemporary world music. Minimal but expert production and playable patches make this a versatile and unmissable library.


The MIDI-mad rhythm addicts at 5Pin have been soaking up the African festivities involving a football and some controversial unmusical plastic horns. Mercifully none feature in Tribal Percussion by 5Pin Media – only crunching tribal rhythms from blistering sessions involving Djembe, Conga, Bongo, Cajon, Mandal, Pot drum and various other drums combined with exotic shakers and world percussion to provide the topping.

Combine the loops, MIDI and multisampled instruments and fuel your tribal productions with a contemporary vibe as found in bombshells by Radio Slave (Koma Koma), Layo&Bushwacka (Djembe / Madagaskar), Minilogue (Jamaica), Sercan (Ajajaja / Flow), and Jamie Anderson vs Deepgroove (Voix) to mention but a few.

Tribal Percussion thumps in at a mighty 1.9GB, comprising 610 loops in Acidized WAV  & REX formats, 479 MIDI loops, 18 Kits and 34 multisampled instruments in NN-XT, Sampler and Kontakt 3 formats and is available as a Live7+ pack and zipped multiformat download.

True to the 5Pin formula, the MIDI and Audio Loops ooze with a natural unquantised groove as captured in the live percussion sessions. All audio has been recorded in 24Bit quality at 126BPM with light processing leaving plenty of scope for you the producer to add your own unique touch.

The multisampled instruments have been crafted using velocity layering and round robin sample playback for a realistic, expressive, versatile sound pallet which when combined with the MIDI loops, literally come alive.

Detailed Contents:


3 sizes of Djembe with Kesseng, Cajon, Congas, Bongos, Mandal, Berimbau, Caxixi shakers, Juju shakers, Shekeres, Guiro, Claves, Triangle, Tambourine, Agogo, Rain Stick and our own custom creations to name but a few.

So don’t delay!  Give yourself the edge with an extreme bag of versatile tribal sounds, MIDI, rhythm and grooves that will never age in the form of 5Pin’s Tribal Percussion.
5Pin would like to say big Thank You to Trish and David at for their support and supply of instruments.

The 5PIN MEDIA Philosophy:

5PIN MEDIA bring you cutting edge sound packs that combine GENERAL MIDI standard, sampler presets and unique groove quantised MIDI files, topped off with carefully crafted single hits and FX one shots, giving you the ultimate in truly versatile music production tools. Using GENERAL MIDI standards the world of creativity is completely opened, allowing endless possible combinations of sounds and patterns, experimentation is the key to using our files so lock down the studio and get your hands dirty!

Tech Specs:

• 1.9GB
• 435 Percussion Loops
• 176 Construction Kit Loops
• 479 MIDI Loops
• 610 REX2 files
• 1050+ One-shots
• 144 Bonus Percussion shots
• 34 Multi-Sampled Instruments using velocity layering and round robin in NN-XT, Kontakt 3 and Live Sampler formats
• Also Includes Bonus TR808 Kick, Clap and Hat Loops
• 22 MIDI Groove Templates
• Ableton Live pack sold seperately

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Press Reviews

"Even just a little live percussion can go a...

by Music Tech Magazine

"Even just a little live percussion can go a long way when it comes to adding life to your drum patterns, and the latest library from 5pin Media - Tribal Percussion - is jammed-packed with live-sounding loops.

Once downloaded and uncompressed, you get 1.GB of material in 24-bit WAV and REX formats, with a Live Pack available separately. This is a large pack with several different sections, so it's probably best to break these down before getting into the detail.

First up is the main collection of 435 acoustic percussion loops, where you'll find congas, claps, and claves alongside djembes, darabukas and biribau instruments. These loops have a loose, un-quantized feel that could instantly add a live vibe to any track. If you need more rigid rhythms you can easily quantize the REX versions.

Next up are the 18 kit loops that feature five or six individual parts that work well together, plus five variations with the loops combined and mixed. You'll then find a large collection of hits and deeply multi-sampled instruments with velocity layering and round robin in NN-XT, Kontakt, and Battery formats.

These are an excellent addition and a great way for you to make natural-sounding percussion grooves. To make the pack more flexible, 5Pin Media has included several groove templates and a collection of 479 MIDI loops so you can try the rhythms using your own sounds.

Finally, there are electronic 808 loops, additional percussion hits and side-chained and effected vocal atmosphere sounds.

This is an extensive collection of well-recorded loops and hits with minimum processing to allow for your own effects. The addition of MIDI loops and multi-sampled instruments makes for an incredibly flexible package."

(Verdict: 9/10)

"It's not often that you find a sample pack...

by IDJ Magazine

"It's not often that you find a sample pack that is completely flawless,
which is why Tribal Percussion is so special.

Not only is there a massive range of instrumental loops that span from
rain sticks to agogos, they're all perfectly recorded as well.

There's so much choice you could easily find yourself lost in a sea
of bongos.

On top of the hundreds of percussive loops there are also a few bonus
808 ones thrown in for good measure.
They don't quite meet the quality of the main loops provided, but it is a nice touch.

This is a must have for any producer."

"5Pin Media, the latest label of Loopmasters,...


"5Pin Media, the latest label of Loopmasters, wants to offer something special: unique and professional sounds, alongside with midi files that give you the basics for groovy rhythm and melodies. So far, this is nothing new: midi collections are present everywhere nowadays - so does Loopmasters once more prove its dominant position on the sample market? This test will tell…

Define the expectations

Tribal music is a widely present genre; still, talking about the electronic dance music scene, other styles are definitely more popular - an issue you also come across when searching for good tribal samples. There are a few collections out there (e. g. Vipzone) offering some nice loops where you simply need to throw on a kick and you're done - but once you want to get really creative, the products already available may not be enough.

Not surprisingly, Loopmasters tried to take care of this: "Tribal Percussion" is a huge 1.9 GB collection. You have to choose hard amongst loads of single samples (kicks, effects, percussion, cymbals…), multi-sampled instruments (african drums, cajons, djembes…), a variety of loops thereof - and finally midis that spice up your track's groove or at least offer some creative input.


Okay, let's start with numbers all over the place: what do you get?

* Midi: 22 groove templates, 521 loops for tribal drums - get creative mixing, cutting, realigning them!
* Single samples: 1223 files to choose from - you better reserve some time for that
* Multi samples: 27 instruments from african drums to udus - all you need is the feeling to play them right
* Loops (126 bpm): 750 single-instrument and mixed-instruments files to quickly arrange the basic groove of your track or to simply add more top or bottom to your drumming

Convenience first…

Is there something that makes this collection special? YES. For all who are new to the music production business, the 5pin guys took care of a detailled and easy-to-understand manual that helps you to install and use the patches with your sequencer and/or sampler of choice. Nicely, sampler files for Battery 3, Kontakt 3, Reason plus a Rex version are attached. All samples, midis and other file types are sorted carefully into folders which makes browsing for the right sound quite easy. Furthermore, all samples having a certain pitch provide this in their respective filename - nice!

Let's groove

To be honest, we prefer using loops in productions, as it speeds everything up. Furthermore, you can cut them, reverse them or do other crazy things to them and get a whole chain of effects quickly - this is the reason why we'll focus on the loop part. But don't you worry - you'll also get information about "the rest" ;)

Well, as mentioned in the beginning, other products out there are more or less complex mixtures of tribal drums which simply need the kick of your choice and then walk the groove through the whole track. This is of course very fast and easy - and Tribal Percussion offers these kind of loops as well. Still, you might want to work a bit more on your own - maybe not arranging single samples all over the place, but at least having single instrument loops at your fingertips. And guess what? That's also included - in fact it's the major part of the loop section: you can either use little loop kits which keep you flexible in terms of arrangement but are already selected for sounds that harmonize with each other - or you are completely free to combine out of several hundred single instrument loops.

It could be just pure fun to play around with those loop samples, maybe adding some crazy vocal atmos to spice up the production even more - if there wasn't a very annoying issue: except for the complex loops (remember, the ones that only need a kick on top), none seems to be well-cut. Dragging any of these loops into Cubase 5 (set to 126 bpm, as the sample pack states), they don't cover a whole 2 or 4 bars, but end earlier. Hence, analyzing each loop in a separate audio editor shows clearly that loop length is perfect - and Cubase SX3 or Ableton Live as a comparison don't see this problem. Something must be wrong with the tempo readout of Cubase 5, suggesting this is a Cubase 5 specific bug and cannot be blamed on 5pin. Anyway, a workaround for all Cubase 5 users: drag the loop into a sampler. We used Kontakt for this - and then it worked nicely.

Programming own grooves from the scratch can be hard work: you have to find samples that fit to each other, you have to carefully arrange each element in the stereo field, add some effects and much more. However, real groove needs one important thing: swing and shuffle. It's a little magic function many sequencers offer - but you have to know how to use it the right way. You may try hard and see what comes out - our you just start with cool basic groove midis this sample pack delivers. Besides, midis come in handy as you can quickly cut, edit and rearrange them and thereby get lots of different patterns - and then you can try manifold samples on those midis. That's really some help in case you're desperately searching for a good starting point.

Sound quality please…

Let's take care of the well-educated ears of music producers - what sound quality delivers this sample pack? Well, we're glad this part is quickly done: the sound is truely nice. Smooth compression and crisp samples. That's it. Nothing to complain. Vocals are artificially bitcrushed to a certain extend which fits perfectly to the Tribal genre and harmonizes with the drum samples.


Loving Tribal, you can't be wrong choosing this product. To our knowledge there is no other collection out there thoughtfully covering many producers' needs regarding this music genre - and no sample pack supports beginners of music production the way this product does. By the way, there is a dedicated Ableton Live version available. Still, one bad impression stays for Cubase 5 users: the lack of loops ready for drag'n'drop into the sequencer. However, this does not seem to be the fault of 5pin Media, so Loopmasters proved their name once more anyway - we're especially excited what 5pin Media will offer in the future."

(Verdict: 10/10)

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