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DAWcentrix: Ableton Racks Mix Master Process

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    DAWcentrix: Ableton Racks Mix Master Process

    'DAWcentrix: Ableton Racks Mix Master Process' is the second installment of this DAWcentrix series. If Electronic music is your bag and you use Ableton Live then this is a great product for you to use.

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    Product Information

    'DAWcentrix: Ableton Racks Mix Master Process' is the second installment of this DAWcentrix series. If Electronic music is your bag and you use Ableton Live then this is a great product for you to use.

    This collection covers the mixing, mastering and processing stages of music composition using Live's Audio Effects Racks. Well thought out macros with carefully tuned ranges give you precise control over key aspects of your individual sounds, mix elements, final mix and master.
    In the mixing and mastering department you will find 17 Racks that cover every aspect from midside EQ and compression to multiband limiting designed to get your masters sounding wide and loud without unwanted distortion.
    In the process department you will find 17 racks for shaping your individual sounds such as kicks, claps, snares, hi-hats and percussion for processing loops of all kinds. The transient vitalizer boosts and shapes transients for more clarity and punch. Use the vinyl love rack for a warmer less sterile sub mix or final mix. Each and every rack is accompanied by a PDF user guide detailing the function of the macros.
    As an extra bonus, included are several Live projects to provide examples of the racks. The demo track includes a full mix with all the sounds and elements accessable for you to inspect and tweak followed by a mastering session of the same track as heard in the main demo. 
    Product Specifications:
    • 250 MB of Content
    • 24-Bit Audio
    • 17 Process Racks with User Guide
    • Clap Shaper
    • Distortion Box
    • Drum Trasher
    • Drum Puncher
    • Dynamic De-Esser
    • Dynamic De-Harsher
    • Dynamic Valve EQ
    • Hi-Hat Shaper
    • Kick Character
    • Kick Shaper
    • Percussion 3D
    • Percussion Shaper
    • Pseudo Stereo
    • Snare Shaper
    • Transient Vitalizer
    • Warm Tube Amp
    • 17 Mixing & Mastering Racks with User Guide
    • Basic Channel
    • Bass Channel
    • Bus Compressor
    • Drum Channel A
    • Drum Channel B
    • Drum Channel C
    • Dynamic EQ
    • Kick Notch
    • Master Compressor Limiter
    • Multiband Master Compressor A
    • Mid-Side Compressor
    • Mid-Side Decoder
    • Mid-Side Master EQ
    • Mid-Side Synth EQ
    • Multiband Limiter
    • Stereo Master EQ
    • Vocal Channel

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