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Chill-Tempo Ukulele Guitar

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    Apollo Sound

    Chill-Tempo Ukulele Guitar

    'Chill-Tempo Ukulele Guitar' by Apollo Sound is the third part of a Chill oriented series of guitar packs.

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    Product Information

    'Chill-Tempo Ukulele Guitar' by Apollo Sound is the third part of a Chill oriented series of guitar packs. 

    The pack includes more than 700 Ukulele loops, chords and melodies recorded in 10 different tempos and more than 10 different keys. It's perfect for creating Lo-Fi Hip Hop, ChillHop Beats, Downtempo, Trip Hop, Chill Trap, Tropical House, and even Ambient tracks.
    All the loops are presented in 4 variants for your convenience: a clean version, a REX2 sliced version, a Lo-Fi version, and a reverb version. Also, you will find more than 16 chord samples and 15 ukulele licks in the archive. Besides the general audio formats, there are sampler patches for KONTAKT, EXS24, and NN-XT.
    Product Details:
    • 765 Ukulele Loops & Samples Total
    • 183 Clean Ukulele Loops
    • 183 Lo-Fi Ukulele Loops
    • 183 Wet Ukulele Loops (Reverb)
    • 183 REX2 Sliced Ukulele Loops
    • 16 Ukulele Chords
    • 19 Ukulele Licks
    • 35 Soft Sampler Patches (KONTAKT, HALION, NN-XT)
    • 70-130 BPM
    • 44.1kHz/24-Bit
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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