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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Audio Masterclass

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Choose the right equipment, and you can make pro-quality recordings even with a basic setup. Choose the wrong equipment and you could spend years sorting out your studio setup. This e-book takes away the pain and help you choose the right gear for your particular needs.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio is a new e-book from Audio Masterclass, written by David Mellor. It helps you to select the right recording studio equipment to get PRO results. Make each day in your home recording studio a day filled with music, production, recording and success! FINALLY, you can finish setting up your home recording studio and start making PROFESSIONAL recordings!


Do you listen to records and CDs and wonder how they got that sound? And wonder why your recordings are dull and lifeless in comparison? Do you blame it on yourself, or on your equipment?


If you don't have the right tools, how can you possibly do the job? The records and CDs you hear are made using equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. So how can you possibly compete on a home recording studio budget?

What chance is there that you could make a recording that sounds as good, on your tiny home studio budget? You're not alone in thinking this... In fact, most home recording studio owners feel this way. They endlessly scan home recording magazines for advice and tips on what equipment they could buy that would somehow add the 'magic' to their recordings.


You know what? There is no 'magic equipment'. You can't buy it. Most home recording studio owners spend most of their time thinking about equipment - what's wrong with the equipment they have, what equipment to buy next, learning how to use equipment they have just bought. They fill their minds with equipment, equipment equipment. And they never stop - they never find the 'perfect set up' that will allow them to make recordings as good as they want them to be.
They just keep on endlessly 'upgrading' their equipment to the next 'wonder' item that the recording mags say they should have. It's not surprising then that they never get anywhere. You deserve to succeed - don't let your equipment hold you back!
With 'Equipping Your Home Recording Studio', you'll finally discover...
·          The Equipment that is right for your own style of music, comparable to what the pros use
·          How to evaluate equipment to see whether it is right for you
·          How to tell professional from amateur and avoid 'bedroom studio' novelty gadgets and software
·          How to read through hype and understand the true worth of any equipment or software
·          Whether the hardware or software route is best for you
·          The myths of microphone selection
·          How many microphones, and which ones you really need.
·          How to effectively sidestep issues where pro studio features cannot successfully be imitated in the home studio - and not waste time trying to
·          How to achieve full reliability from your computer. Don't waste time with system errors, viruses and worms
·          How to monitor and mix your recordings so they sound great on any system!
·          How to be productive every day. If a pro can write and demo a song in a day, why can't you?
It's Easy!
Nothing about equipping a home recording studio capable of professional quality work is rocket science. It's just the step-by-step application of simple methods, and everything is done for a reason that you can understand right away.
Add up how much money you've spent on equipment or software that hasn't really done it's job properly, then consider the value of 'Equipping Your Home Recording Studio'. From now on every dollar you spend on equipment is going to take you one step closer to your goals.
David Mellor
Audio Masterclass

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