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Acoustic Drum Workshop

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    Acoustic Drum Workshop

    'Acoustic Drum Workshop' is a mammoth archive of top-draw acoustic drum hits with kicks, toms, cymbals and 30 different snares.

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    'Acoustic Drum Workshop' is a mammoth archive of top-draw acoustic drum hits with kicks, toms, cymbals and 30 different snares.

    With the biggest collection of drums in the land, Matt Butlin takes us on an epic tour of his customised collection, sampling everything in sight.
    Session drummer Matt Butlin has amassed a huge collection of drums with an insatiable addiction for the beat. Inside the pack you'll find over 500 one-shot samples, illustrating the scope of his collection, with 10 different cymbals, live and processed kicks, over 30 tom samples and 30 different snares, this amounts to over 200 snare samples alone, each with their own dynamics, tone and timbre, lovingly recorded in close-mic'd 24-Bit Quality.
    Snares include Jungle snares, maple, brass, acrylic and even a stone version, where hits of varying velocity have been captured, as well as staple rimshots, stick-on-sticks and rolls. Cymbals come in the form of bells, chinas, hats, rides, crashes and splashes, with kicks both live and processed, with three different live variations and a number of outboard fattening methods. 
    Every care has been taken in recording these great instruments using top mics through Neve preamps going to top quality digital converters into Protools HD for the ultimate studio shine. In addition to the WAV samples, 15 sampler patches are included to program your ideal drum setup.
    'Acoustic Drum Workshop' is a phenomenal collection of drum sounds to last you a lifetime. Download the free taster pack and check out the demo.
    Product Details:
    • 230 MB
    • 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
    • 213 Snare Hits
    • 185 Cymbal Hits
    • 92 Kick Hits
    • 35 Tom Hits
    • 21 Soft Sampler Patches

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