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Climax Collection Vol 7: Bass

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    Climax Collection Vol 7: Bass

    This Downloadable AKAI CD-ROM (available here as an ISO download) includes more than 141 bass guitar programmes included Slaps & Slides, Picks and Pops, Chords and single notes, open and mute, deadnotes and more...

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    Product Information

    MasterBits BASS in AKAI format includes Alembic, Ken Smith 5 String, Patitucci 6 String, Pedulla Pentabuzz, Warwick thumb and a vintage acoustic Bass from Czechoslovakia (all sampled in minor thirds with different playing techniques and at several velocity levels).


    More than 141 programmes (using 448 Samples) are included here: Slaps & Slides, Picks and Pops, Chords and single notes, open and mute, deadnotes etc.


    The bonus tracks feature a selection of classic synth bass sounds. Performance oriented key mapping makes a realistic Bass performance a cinch.


    Compatible with these Software Samplers

    • Native Instruments Kontakt
    • Emagic EXS24
    • Motu Mach Five
    • Steinberg Halion

    About MasterBits

    MasterBits have been Pioneers in the Sound & Sampling Industry for 20 years. Even if you haven't heard their name you will already be familiar with their work as it can be heard in thousands of Albums, Radio Jingles, Multimedia Applications, Computer Games, Television and Film Soundtracks worldwide.


    Please read this before your purchase:


    Due to the way Akai Sample CD-ROMs are formatted they cannot be zipped or compressed. Therefore, unlike our other products, you cannot simply unzip this download then use the samples.


    However, the good news is the manufacturer (MasterBits) has provided us with an ISO format file which you can download then use to create an Akai CD-ROM. Simply download this ISO format file then load it into your CD-writing software. You will then be able to burn the content onto a CD so it will be ready for use with your software or hardware sampler.


    We realise this situation may not be ideal. However, there is simply no other way to download Akai format Sample CD-ROMs and as one of the world's largest Sample Pack sites, we feel it's important to cater for all producer's requirements.


    For PC users we have included ImGBurn, which is a free software application that will allow you to create the Akai CD-ROM. However, this ISO format download can also be used with compatible software on Mac and Linux OS. You must own a CD-writer to use this download.


    No refunds


    We cannot provide any refunds for downloads so please ensure that your CD-writing software supports ISO format before you purchase.

    Press Reviews

    "This CD concentrates on multisamples...

    by Keyboard Magazine, Germany

    "This CD concentrates on multisamples rather than licks or loops, which guarantees a wide range of applications, expecially since every bass has been captured with different playing techniques. The instruments are state of the art and have been played by well known musicians. Audio quality is excellent - extremely punchy"

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    Ask a question

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