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    The high-quality sounds on this downloadable Sample CD are actual recordings of members of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in the acoustics of a concert hall.

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    The high-quality sounds on this downloadable Sample CD are actual recordings of members of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in the acoustics of a concert hall. Each professional classical musician has been recorded several times with different dynamics (e.g Forte, Pianissimo, etc.) Therefore you get up to 17 Multisamples per instrument resulting in a totally professional and authentic sound. 

    Symphomania Contents:


    Alto Flute
    Double Bass
    French Horn
    Piccolo Trumpet

    Symphonic Percussion


    Symphomania Product Review

    "High-Quality, Low Cost, First Class!" (Soundcheck)

    About WAV Format

    WAV format samples are compatible with the majority of software samplers today including Halion, Kontakt, EXS24 and Gigasampler. They are also compatible with Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Fruity Loops, Reason, and many other music creation packages. Finally, you can use them with some hardware products such as the Korg Triton, Roland Fantom, Kurzweil K-series and Yamaha A-series of samplers.

    About MasterBits

    MasterBits have been Pioneers in the Sound & Sampling Industry for 20 years. Even if you haven't heard their name you will already be familiar with their work as it can be heard in thousands of Albums, Radio Jingles, Multimedia Applications, Computer Games, Television and Film Soundtracks worldwide. MasterBits Sounds are also included in Keyboards and Synthesizers of notable manufacturers and they have licensed many of their products to elite manufacturers of 'supposed' rival products. Buy with confidence and purchase downloadable Sample CDs that could cost you up to $115 each for a fraction of the price. There is no hidden catch here, these samples are 100% professional.

    License Information

    When you agree to purchase a MasterBits product via download you enter into a single-user license (as with all Professional Sample Packs) which grants you (and you only) permission to use the samples in your music commercially. There are no additional licenses required to use these samples in your music as these samples are Royalty-Free.

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