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Ambient Metal Constructions 1

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Producer Loops

Ambient Metal Constructions 1

'Ambient Metal Constructions 1' from Producer Loops blends the beautiful sounds found in ambient music with raging distorted metal guitars. This extraordinary collection was created by Chimp Spanner and it features 5 huge Construction Kits guaranteed to blow your mind!

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  • 538.65MB (Unzipped)
  • 47 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 111 files / Royalty-Free

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Product Information

'Ambient Metal Constructions 1' from Producer Loops blends the beautiful sounds found in ambient music with raging distorted metal guitars. This extraordinary collection by Chimp Spanner features 5 huge Construction Kits guaranteed to blow your mind!


'Ambient Metal Constructions 1' combines the sounds of ultra low tuned modern metal with sweeping cinematic ambience. It was created by 'Chimp Spanner', an instrumental progressive rock project created by UK based multi instrumentalist and composer, Paul Ortiz.


When you download this sample pack you will find totally fresh and original content that is unavailable elsewhere. The pack includes 24-Bit loops in a choice of ACIDized WAV, Apple Loops, REX files or Reason Refill. With influences from Dream Theater, Toto, Brian Eno & Vangelis, the resulting sound is both new and familiar; challenging yet accessible. 


Ambient Metal Constructions 1 offers a "sound" that the sampling industry has never offered before and it is suitable for Rock artists looking for some extra grit, as well as Ambient, Dance, Hip Hop and soundtrack composers looking for an alternative edge.


No matter what style of music you write, you must hear the demo and experience this sound for yourself. If you can use this sound in your compositions, then we strongly recommend you do, as it could just be the "edge" required to uplift and enhance your productions.


Loops Include:


• Drum Loops

• Synth Loops

• Pad Loops / Washes

• Bass Guitar Loops

• Lead Guitar Loops

• Rhythm Guitar Loops




• ACIDized WAV Files

• Apple Loops/AIFF Files

• Reason Refill

• Rex Loops (Drums Only)

• Loops sync to BPM

• 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit

• PC/Mac Compatible

• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)


More about Paul Ortiz & Chimp Spanner


Paul Ortiz is an extremely talented musician and composer and still in his 20s. Paul offers his services to clients seeking original compositions for anything from theatre and dance projects, to television and multimedia ventures with an aim to write music for video games and small films. Clients so far include Cambridge University, Dolby, Red Bull and Teachers TV. You can find out more about Chimp Spanner here.


How to Order Ambient Metal Constructions 1?


Simply click "BUY NOW" at the top of this page then enter your details. Your Download Link will be send to you by email immediately after your payment has been received.

Suitable Genres

License Agreement

Press Reviews

"The Ambient Metal Construction series includes...

by Computer Music PRO Special - April 2010

"The Ambient Metal Construction series includes textures, pads and drum loops and range from sombre and moody to powerful distorted metal. The diversity and richness of this series is testament to the sort of quality we expect from Producer Loops."

"Ambient Metal Construction is the second...

by Computer Music Magazine (ITALY)

"Ambient Metal Construction is the second Sample Pack from Producer Loops, produced by Chimp Spanner. It comprises 900 MB of evolving pads, synth, pianos, acoustic drums and electronics, low, lead guitar and rhythmic guitars, all organized into five Construction Kit in 24-bit Apple Loops and Acidized WAVs.

The original bpm is 85 (C#) for the kit Dustminer, 90 (TO) for Cruiser and 130 (B) for Megamall, AyTech (F) and Skyway (F). The duration of the loop rather is long, generally above 15 seconds.

The Sample Pack melts together Ambient sounds (like pads) with drums and electric guitars typical of Heavy Metal. The quality of the loops is great, the guitars have been electronically twisted, with a sound that recalls immediately the Progressive modern Metal in style Dream Theater

This collection has a sound of unequivocal character."

"Have you ever wondered what Brian Eno writing...

by Music Tech Magazine - August 2009

"Have you ever wondered what Brian Eno writing metal would sound like? Well, this new pack from Producer Loops may answer the question, as it combines the sounds of ultra-low tuned modern metal with sweeping cinematic ambience.

This pack feature five construction kits ranging from 85 to 130BPM in 24-bit/44.1 kKz quality. Available as a 450MB download, you can opt either for the ACIDized WAV or Apple Loops formats.

This pack combines more traditional metal guitar/bass tones with some nice warped production techniques. The drum parts are well programmed - if a little stiff - and feature some intricate polyrhythms with a traditional thuddy kick and lightly reverb-drenched simple piano riffs are also thick and evocative.

The pack's main selling points, however, are the guitar and bass riffs. There are plenty of well-played hooks with suitable chunky distorted tones, alongside some shimmering ruffs with good use of reversed, blended and time-streteched sounds.

The quality on offer is very high, but there's just not enough content to justify the asking price. With maybe a few more kits or possible some playable synth paid sounds, this would become much more usable. That said, the chugging bass and killer guitar hooks may find some fans in the post-Soulwax dance music arean, while the ethereal pads and effected guitar parts could come in useful for soundtrack or game music."

(SCORE 7/10)

"For a unique soundtrack flavour, this...

by Final Cut Pro: Video Focus (Magazine)

"For a unique soundtrack flavour, this progressive, heavy metal-themed pack comprises five de-tuned, crunchy, guitar-based construction kits. Various mixed forms of the kit are available alongside separate parts for drums, synths and, of course, a lot of guitar.

The synthetic and melodic guitar parts sound huge on their own, due to a large, smooth reverb. In true metal-style, the main building blocks here offer just two levels of dynamics: soft or heavy, with only a little movement in the middle."

(Final Cut Pro: Video Focus - Soundtrack Starters)

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