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Wood And Iron: Production Hits

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    Push Button Bang

    Wood And Iron: Production Hits

    'Wood and Iron: Production Hits' provides you with a unique array of over 1,000 wood and metal based one shots and audio textures.

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    • 620.33MB (Unzipped)
    • 4 min 5 sec @ 16mbs
    • 1272 files

    Product Information

    'Wood and Iron: Production Hits' provides you with a unique array of over 1,000 wood and metal based one shots and audio textures.

    Over time while sourcing field recordings, Push Button Bang has collected An absolutely huge range of unique surface, instrument and object hits including scrapes, whacks, thuds, taps, reverberations, bells, tones, textures, knocks, pounds, strokes, slides, bangs, rattles to name but a few.
    This is a must have for the producer looking to put something original in the rhythm programming and excellent for Hip Hop, Chill Trap, organic Ambient, future beats and for all original beat makers.
    Included in the pack are deep bangs, fast attack whacks, long sustained bells, huge industrial crashes, hammers and ironworks, giant hall wood stomps, wood breaks and snaps, myriad surface knocks and strikes, metal bends and spooky scrapes, doors and drawers, chains and drags, big building natural slams, contact mic experiments
    and lots, lots more.
    Perfectly recorded, edited meticulously and presented in easy-to-search folders to give you huge possibilities for adding unique organic elements into your productions.
    Also included is a large selection of additional percussion instruments to compliment the natural sounds of the main content. Use each sound individually as percussive hits or combine as layered deep rich organic hits, impacts and drum parts.
    All in all, this pack is a unique single hit collection for adding something very different to your productions and is guaranteed to inspire you.
    Product Specifications:
    • 650 MB
    • 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
    • 1,255 WAV Sounds
    • 40 Iron Bells
    • 30 Iron Crashes
    • 90 Iron Deep Hits
    • 70 Iron High Hits
    • 110 Iron Mid Hits
    • 150 Iron Textures
    • 20 Layered Kicks
    • 150 Wood Deep Tones
    • 140 Wood High Hits
    • 130 Wood Mid Hits
    • 30 Wood Swoosh
    • 45 Wood Textures
    • 250 Bonus Percussion Shots

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