Push Button Bang are at the cutting-edge of electronic music production, with loops and sounds that will inspire you, in all modern dance and electronic styles.

They know that as a producer not only do you want to be able to reach straight into the box and pull out something to instantly fix the gap, but also to have a sonic pallette with enough depth to get creative with - Push Button Bang aims to produce collections that not only work out of the box - they also give you the freedom to remix the samples infinately.

Based in the heart of London, they deliver royalty-free sample collections that you will go back to time and time again - with so much quality packed into a simple organised folder structure to ensure you find the right sounds in an instant, drawing inspiration from the past to produce sonic elements that are guarenteed to inspire you time and time again.

Push button bang doesn't just deliver; Push Button Bangs!

Future Shapes Of Serum

    ... is a next level collection of fresh and inspiring sounds for serum. Featuring 150 expertly crafted, original so...

    $24.90 USD

    £17.95 GBP

    Future Weapons

      ... is a complete sound effect solution for epic Sci-Fi battles, future war and dramatic action scenes and more, in...

      $48.48 USD

      £34.95 GBP

      Deep House Sax 2

        ... features 260 sublime sax loops for Deep House and Chilled Electronica. The collection is divided into expertly...

        $20.74 USD

        £14.95 GBP

        Cinematic Sci Fi Stems

          ... gives you over four hours of evolving ambient soundscapes, perfect for game and film soundtracking , media soun...

          $27.67 USD

          £19.95 GBP

          Adventures In Hip Hop 2

            'Adventures in Hip Hop 2' continues the journey through current and classic Hip Hop and RnB styles, providing a hug...

            $27.67 USD

            £19.95 GBP

            Chill Trap Sax

              ... is a breathtaking journey into melodic brass for Chill Trap, Future RnB, Future Bass, Liquid DnB and much more....

              $27.67 USD

              £19.95 GBP

              Total Blues

                ... contains 1 GB of authentic Blues content, 330 loops and stems and 200 instrument single hits, the perfect solut...

                $34.61 USD

                £24.95 GBP

                Dark Nu Wave Disco

                  ... blends the original sounds of the analogue era into a modern melting pot of Dark Disco, Electro Funk and New Wa...

                  $27.67 USD

                  £19.95 GBP

                  Dubstep Collection

                    ... from Push Button Bang proudly presents this amazing Dubstep bundle, bringing together some amazing products int...

                    $55.42 USD

                    £39.95 GBP

                    Signature EDM Kicks

                      ... from Push Button Bang presents a huge collection of the biggest kicks in EDM. This pack provides 380 tuned mode...

                      $13.80 USD

                      £9.95 GBP

                      Deep House Sax

                        ... brought to you by Push Button Bang is the perfect tool for creating emotional saxophone melodies in your deeper...

                        $20.74 USD

                        £14.95 GBP

                        Odyssey FX

                          ... from Push Button Bang is an ethereal adventure into evolving atmospheric FX and soundscaping, perfect for pushi...

                          $41.54 USD

                          £29.95 GBP

                          Adventures In Hip Hop

                            ... takes you on a journey through current and classic Hip Hop styles. Providing faithful reenactments of original...

                            $27.67 USD

                            £19.95 GBP

                            Deep Futurist

                              ... is the perfect pack to fuel your sonic excursions into Ambient and Abstract forms of House, Garage, Chillout an...

                              $20.74 USD

                              £14.95 GBP