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Blues Guitar

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Blues Guitar

'Blues Guitar' by Ueberschall is a collection of 100 guitar-based sequences played on a combination of acoustic, resonator and electric guitar overflowing with cool Blues jams for you to enjoy and explore.

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Product Information

'Blues Guitar' by Ueberschall is a collection of 100 guitar-based sequences played on a combination of acoustic, resonator and electric guitar overflowing with cool Blues jams for you to enjoy and explore. 

100 Inspiring Blues Chord Sequences
The library features over 5GB of sample content and 1000 individual loops. Each progression is contained within its own folder for easy browsing. The 100 progressions are organized into categories based upon two tempos (120 BPM and 60 BPM), 5 different tunings (drop D, open D, open C, open G and standard), as well as 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures, so there is plenty of variety. Each progression is played on an acoustic guitar, with a second guitar part provided by either a resonator or electric guitar. You can loop the main progression, but outro parts are also provided for both guitars, so you can finish with a flourish.
PDF Containing All The Chords Included
Within each folder, as well as a main mix for both the full progression and outro, you get both mic and line-based recordings of both guitars. All the recordings are of pristine quality, but have been left as natural as possible, giving you full flexibility when it comes to adding them to any mix. And, as a bonus, within the download, a PDF containing full details of all the chord progressions is provided. This makes it super-easy to play along, improvise a lead line, or add accompanying instruments.
Great For Jamming Out With
Whether to improve your Blues chops, as a practice tool for your improvisation skills, or as a source for Blues songwriting inspiration, 'Blues Guitar' is a great resource.
Elastik Features
Ueberschall's Elastik player is the ideal tool for contemporary music production. All guitars in 'Blues Guitar' are tagged with information on key and tempo and the advanced Elastik algorithms allow both to be changed, maintaining high audio quality. Creative functions such as resample, formant and a multimode filter enable sound design on-the-fly.
Product Details:
• 1000 Loops & Phrases
• Elastik Soundbank For MAC/WIN - AU/VST/AAX/STANDALONE
• Elastik Player Included - No Sampler Required!

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