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Electro Producer Pack

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Electro Producer Pack

'Electro Producer Pack' from Ueberschall is a gigantic library of cutting-edge Club Electro necessities. This Producer Pack includes everything that's needed for a current professional electronic production. All sounds are organised and sorted to fit various genres including House, Minimal, Trance, Hard Techno, Dance or JumpStyle, to name few.

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Product Information

'Electro Producer Pack' from Ueberschall is a gigantic library of cutting-edge Club Electro necessities. This Producer Pack includes everything that's needed for a current professional electronic production.

All sounds are organised and sorted to fit various genres including House, Minimal, Trance, Hard Techno, Dance or JumpStyle, to name few.


To further boost workflow every file is branded with tempo and root key/key signature where applicable. All samples are pre-mapped to enable seamless integration into your DAW of choice. The extreme and lush textures of sound effects, synthesizer sounds and loops were created with both analog and digital hardware synthesizers.


• Moog Voyager
• Studio Electronics SE-1
• Andromeda
• Roland SH 101
• MonoPoly
• Juno 106
• Oberheim Xpander
• Oberheim OBMX
• Waldorf Pulse

Digital Modeling:

• Clavia Nordlead
• Access Virus
• Korg MicroKorg
• Juno 1
• Juno 2

Sound Stimulus Structure:

This product is divided into 7 main folders:

Single Drum Sounds:

Tons of grab-and-go, ready, punch-filled and over-the-top kick drums, claps, snare, hi-hats, cymbals and shaker samples and other principals for the club scene.


The drumloops have a wide reach of diverse styles, such as natural drum loops, shaker, percussion, hi-hat loops and even distorted, phased, flanged or crushed drum loops are available.

Single Percussion Sounds:

Hundreds of high impact global/hybrid percussion single sounds, custom tailored and treated for injection into the club mixing atmosphere.


The 550 Sound Effects are split into up and down lifting sweeps, bits and pieces, effect loops and into a mixed category. The mixed category consits of atmospheres, hits, lfo, noise and weird effects.

Synth Loops:

An exceptional bonus of this product are the 540 synth loops. Ueberschall fortified each folder with different sound patterns. They can be used as fill in, backing or main melody. Every Synth Loop also includes a set of variations. Listen to the Synth Loop Demo.

Synth Sounds:

The 215 Synth Single Sounds are divided into bass and lead sounds, including types such as sinus, saw, resonance, sub, noisy and distorted sounds for example. Ueberschall has sampled the sounds with lengths of up to 8 seconds.

Vocoded Voices:

Vocals: A music production without vocals? To top it off Ueberschall bundled 175 supplemental vocoded vocals to give your productions the finishing touch.


Besides the over 1250 Drum and Percussion Sounds, there is an archive which consist of about 150 no-kick Drum loops.


This is the next high Quality Product of Marc Steinmeier, one of the best Sound Designers and Producers worldwide. He has worked for Companies like Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG, to name a few. He gave a lot of productions their break in terms of Sound design. This product guarantees a sound, that is truly high fidelity.


• 1.3 GB
• 2969 Loops & Samples
• Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS
• Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

License Agreement

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Press Reviews

Electro Producer Pack
Keys, 04/2009...

by Keys

Electro Producer Pack
Keys, 04/2009

The collection „Electro Producer Pack“ is categorized into 7 different groups of loops and single sounds. As in almost every Dance-Library do the drums take the main part. In this case the concept is very open. The drumloops were programmed without a kick, with a dominant snare or with a repeating hihat. The library offers a huge pool of loops and percussions, synh-drums and artifical sounds that were manipulated with phaser, distortion or delays. The basis for the beat is done by yourself using the single-drumsounds from kick, snare and hihat while the loops also leave enough space to combine them without overloading the sound.
The second group of this collection are the synthloops and -sounds that were created with synths like the Voyager, Nordlead or Virus. Each synthloop exists in different soundvariations: e.g. as lowpassed bassline, as hard Sync-Lead, as Acid-Lead, in different waveforms and many other variations.
To create your own loops you can also use the 200+ bass- and leadsounds. To play them on your key- board you have to use the „chromatic map“ function and copy the sound to the upper keyboard. (...)
All in all the Electro Producer Pack is very good for fast work but leaves more creative space as const- rucion kits usually do.

Electro Producer Pack

by Sound & Recording

Electro Producer Pack
Sound&Recording, 07-2009

Ueberschalls Producer Packs are sample-libraries that come with the Elastik-Player and do not present Construction-Kits but a lot of different elements that the user can put together just as he likes. Single drumsounds, a lot of drum-, bass-, and synth-loops as well as effects and vocoder-loops do all sound very electronic and run great within a complete mix. (...)
Christian Baum translated by Wenzel Mehnert (ueberschall)

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