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Oriental RnB

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    Oriental RnB

    'Oriental RnB' is Ueberschall's collection of selected Construction Kits with a spicy Oriental taste. This is the ultimate point where the East and the West intercept on the highest musical and sonic level. This very point is touched by spicy oriental flavour combined with modern Dance, Pop and RnB tunes.

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    'Oriental RnB' is Ueberschall's collection of selected Construction Kits with a spicy Oriental taste. This is the ultimate point where the East and the West intercept on the highest musical and sonic level.

    This very point is touched by spicy oriental flavour combined with modern Dance, Pop and RnB tunes.


    Features Samples from instruments including Oud, Tar, Kemance, Santur, Violin, Kanoun, Accordeon, Bouzouki, Ney, Pipes, Darbuka, Duff, Zarb, Rhodes, Piano, Organ, Synth, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Vocals, Drums & Percussion.
    In total 3.2 Gigabyte of loops and single drum sounds.


    'Oriental RnB' has been recorded with high quality studio equipment by exceptional sound engineers who know their business. It comes with Ueberschall’s brand new "Elastik Engine" technology - all the functionalities which are needed for professional use.


    Ali Tatar (A-tee) is the man behind Ueberschall's stunning 'Oriental RnB'. He has been producing music for companies such as Sony music and Virgin records. With years of experience in the business as a successful producer and with his unique multi-cultural taste of modern music, he has featured various artists of different styles since the late 80’s.

    A-tee started off his career in San Jose, California, and is now based in Sweden as the Managing Director and main producer for “Sound Factory Productions Sweden” in the city of Vasteras.

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    Press Reviews

    Oriental RnB
    Beat, Juni 2006

    by Beat

    Oriental RnB
    Beat, Juni 2006

    Beat 06/06 Loop-collection with an outstanding Engine
    The german company Ueberschall has made its name as delieverer for high quality audio material and first class samples. We already introduced the brand new Elastik Engine in an earlier edition and now the first libraries with the nice Elastik suit were released. One of them is the DVD-Rom Oriental RnB which can be bought at best service.
    Elastik supports VST, AU and RTAS and also comes as Stand Alone version for MAC and PC. (...) The quality of this library can be called excellent.
    The new engine gives best results, all the mixes are also seperated in its single lines and the selection works very good in darker Hip-Hop and RnB productions. Drums and basslines are just fat.
    Since Oriental RnB I‘m up for more Elastik libraries. A great engine with a great interface.

    Oriental RnB
    Computer Music, July 2006...

    by Computer Music

    Oriental RnB
    Computer Music, July 2006

    Oriental RnB is another sample library that uses Ueberschall’s Elastik engine – this works as a plug-in instrument and automatically stretches samples to your host’s tempo. The theme of the loops here is exotic RnB, with synthetic instrumentation and programmed drums. While the loops on offer are consistent enough, they’re not
    quite as inspirational as the samples that come with some of the other Elastik releases. What’s more, for some reason, the individual drum and instrumental loops are located in a different soundbank to the full mixes.
    RATING 6

    Oriental RnB, July 2006

    by Virtual Instruments

    Oriental RnB, July 2006
    Virtual Instruments

    Intrigued by the name? Actually, it doesn’t describe the sound of this collection. Although there is a whiff of funk or oriental stylings in some of the 33 main construction kits, Middle-Eastern Pop would have been a far more appropriate name, with chapters on Bollywood Hip Hop and even Persian Rude-Boy Rap. There are also 7 "XTRA World Mix" kits that dive into areas such as flamenco, gypsy, and polka(!).
    Production leans towards third-world pop—a mixture of synths and ethnic instruments with a relatively shallow sound stage. The percussion tracks are mostly a mixture of programmed kick/snare/hat underpinnings (that are either slammin’ or plodding, depending on your personal tastes), layered with what sound like live-performed ethnic loops.
    The Drum Kit folder then contains breakdowns of the percussion tracks for each construction kit, which have vocal drops and record scratches included. Aside from the traditional full mix loop, there are usually four to 16 4-bar component loops, and then a similar number of individual hits.
    In short, this library sports the most variations of the three, although it is unfortunate that the instruments and drums aren’t included in the same preset banks so that you easily could jam these pieces live.

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