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Nightclub Vocals

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Vocal Roads

Nightclub Vocals

'Nightclub Vocals' by Vocal Roads is back in town with some breathtaking vocals for your next Club bangers, all 100% Royalty-Free!

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  • 1.19GB (Unzipped)
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  • 430 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Nightclub Vocals' by Vocal Roads is back in town with some breathtaking vocals for your next Club bangers, all 100% Royalty-Free!

'Nightclub Vocals' is a real sound blaster, focused on Electro House tunes and Soul-felt vocal parts. This will capture both, your mind and soul. All Beats and Melody sounds have been produced by the music industry's well-recognized Chart Topper and part of the current Top Tik-Tok Challenges, Chester Young. Last but not least, the talented Vocalist encapsulates high energy to the max with her unique Voice. Presenting you 1,12 GB of contents all innovatively programmed, masterfully recorded including vocal stems with lyrics and adlibs, dry and wet and all-female.

Any skilful sound producer wanting to drop Dance Floor Bangers will fall in love with these mesmerizing sounds. In detail, expect to find 376 files of audio at 24-Bit and 44.1kHz. Including 5 songs with lyrics, 31 dry vocal stems, 26 dry adlibs, 148 dry phrases, 10 wet vocal stems, 55 MIDI files, 45 dry loops, 35 one-shots, 5 drum stems, 5 bass stems, 5 melody stems, 5 SFX stems.

Also included in this pack you'll find five bonus videos with top tips for creative processing techniques for vocals. This classy product brings rare and exciting feelings, reminiscent of the good old days where you danced all night to the best-in-town deejays, who spun their classic records. Well, history's repeating and those days are back!

Don't be shy to check out Vocal Roads 'Nightclub Vocals' demo and get ready for some dancefloor miracles! The time is now! Get louder! The nightclub era is back on track again.

Please note, when releasing any production featuring this collection for public release, please use the following protocol for crediting: You may not say your production features Chester Young (as a collaborator, guest artist, co-writer or other). If you wish to credit Chester Young on your production, please make it clear your production is using the 'Nightclub Vocals Sample Collection' only.

Product Details:

• 376 Files
• 5 Songs
• 5 Lyrics
• 31 Dry Vocal Stems
• 26 Dry Adlibs
• 148 Dry Phrases
• 10 Wet Vocal Stems
• 55 MIDI Files
• 45 Dry Loops
• 35 One-Shots
• 5 Drum Stems
• 5 Bass Stems
• 5 Melody Stems
• 5 SFX Stems
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty-Free

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