The Hill

... was composed by Theelen/Franklin and it features powerful build of cinematic soundtrack loops expertly composed...

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Late Night Jazz Vol 3

... by Anthology sets a new standard for Jazz sample packs, bringing you 20GB of world-class recordings, featuring...

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Late Night Jazz Vol 2

... from the all new "Anthology" label returns with a MASSIVE 6 GB of world-class content, featuring a wealth of so...

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Late Night Jazz Vol 1

... kicks off the all-new "Anthology" label with 5 GB of content featuring sophisticated downtempo Jazz, expertly c...

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Amazing Serum

    “Amazing Serum” is something more than just a Serum Soundbank. Each sound generates something completely differ...

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      ... by OST Audio brings an outstanding set of sounds! Are you looking for something fresh and unique? This pack is...

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      Psytrance Imagination

        ... by IQ Samples brings this outstanding pack which will break the boundaries of your imagination. 100% Royalty-Fr...

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        This Is STMPD

          'This Is STMPD' by OST Audio is a full track template inspired by Martin Garrix label and artists like Loopers, Set...

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          Cyberpunk Collection

            ... by OST Audio features 900 Samples included Drum Loops and Shots, Basslines, Atmospheres, Synths, Pads, Vocals a...

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            Trance Collection

              ... by OST Audio is a massive bundle pack for Trance producers loaded with 28 Templates for your DAW, 150 presets f...

              Price $55.27 USD

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              Cyberpunk Serum

                ... by OST Audio contains 70 presets for Serum and 100 samples with a Cyberpunk and Darksynth edge....

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                Euphoric Uplifting 2

                  ... by OST Audio continues the adventure by extremely atmospheric sounds and tension-building arrangements. Feel th...

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                  Mello - Future Pop

                    ... by Skifonix Sounds is a pack focused around big catchy synth lines and high energy hooks perfect for producers...

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                    Trance Expedition

                      'Trance Expedition' by OST Audio is a Sylenth1 soundbank full of Acid and Bass sounds designed for Trance productio...

                      Price $20.82 USD

                      £15.38 GBP

                      Amazing Sylenth1

                      ... by OST Audio is a Sylenth1 Soundbank with a Retro vibe produced by Mike Ost....

                      Price $22.55 USD

                      £16.66 GBP

                      Euphoric Uplifting

                        ... by OST Audio is a Trance Construction Kit delivered as a project file for Ableton, Cubase and FL Studio users....

                        Price $23.12 USD

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                        Synthwave Collection 2.0

                          ... by OST Audio is all that every Synthwave, Chillwave, Darksynth, Vaporwave, indie dance producer may want. Learn...

                          Price $47.38 USD

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                          Future Trance Basslines Vol 2

                            ... by OST Audio is a Trance sample pack based on three DAW templates for Ableton, Cubase and FL Studio....

                            Price $11.28 USD

                            £8.33 GBP

                            Classic Uplifting Vol 2

                              ... by OST Audio brings another boost of inspiration for every Trance producer. This is a perfect way to learn Tran...

                              Price $15.78 USD

                              £11.66 GBP

                              Trance Uplifting FSOE Style

                                ... by OST Audio is a buildup template for FL Studio, Ableton & Cubase that nails the typical driving Trance sound...

                                Price $11.28 USD

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                                Uplifting Trance Template Vol 2

                                  ... by OST Audio perfectly nails that typical driving Trance sound with rolling hi-bassline parts, energetic synths...

                                  Price $6.75 USD

                                  £4.99 GBP

                                  Uplifting Trance Template

                                    ... by OST Audio brings you a useful template for FL Studio, Ableton, and Cubase. If you're looking for a boost of...

                                    Price $10.15 USD

                                    £7.50 GBP