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Voices of Africa

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Voices of Africa

Voices of Africa provides you with voices & chants from across the African continent. Primitive tribal phrases and effects from the field, mixed with special studio recording sessions and much much more...

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Product Information

Voices of Africa provides you with voices & chants from across the African continent. Primitive tribal phrases and effects from the field, mixed with special studio recording sessions and much much more...


A multi-sampled set of sustained notes is also provided along with a selection of Female yodels & Male rhythmic chanting, clapping & long sung phrases. Voices Of Africa was produced for Zero-G by Erwin Keiles, John Thirkell & Glenn Keiles of Two Camels Music.

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Press Reviews

"Creative Essentials is an...

by Sound On Sound Magazine (UK)

"Creative Essentials is an ever-expanding series of low-cost sample CDs. In addition to their audio content, the discs contain AIFF and WAV file versions of the samples, enabling them to be loaded into certain sample replay or sample editing programs, including Akai's MESA. Wav files can also be loaded into certain soundcards for replay. Because of the three different formats supplied on each disc, the amount of content isn't as great as you might get on an all-audio CD or CD-Rom, but you still get a lot of sounds for very little money.

What's more, because of the large number of discs in the series, the material is broken down into very specific areas, ensuring minimum wastage. The AIFF and WAV data are located on track 1 of the CD, which can't be played on a regular CD player. The remaining tracks are conventional audio tracks, concluding with a 1kHz test tone.

Voices of Africa Rated 4 out of 5

Changing pace somewhat, Voices of Africa provides a wide array of sung or shouted words and phrases with tempos listed where appropriate. Most of the examples have a nice tribal feel, though some are more gospel-like. A multisampled set of sustained notes is provided along with a selection of female yodels and male rhythmic chanting, clapping and long sung phrases. Both the performances and recording quality are good, and anyone into world music should find plenty of inspiration here."

"As with all of Zero-G's Creative...

by The Mix Magazine (UK)

"As with all of Zero-G's Creative Essentials series, Voices of Africa is a multi-format CD, giving you sacks-full of quality samples in audio, .WAV and AIFF format. The CD covers a variety of styles at a variety of tempos and pitches: Rhythmic Chants; Short Chants, Shouts and FX; and Sung Phrases. Some of the phrases are also broken down into male and female components.

Each track has a variety of samples grouped by tempo, with the same samples repeated at a higher tempo on subsequent tracks. Pitched samples are also grouped by tempo, but are repeated within each relevant CD track in a variety of keys. As with all of Zero-G CDs, the contents booklet is clear and concise, providing all the information you need to achieve successful results with the minimum of fuss. And some of the material on this CD is truly inspirational.

Careful manipulation (and probably a fair deal of forethought on the part of the producers) allows you to create some wonderful polyrhythmic chants, the sort of thing you'd only expect to hear whilst sitting next to a camp fire in the Serengeti. If you produce world music, but find the cockney accent on your vocal lines somewhat ruins the effect, this is the CD for you. If you don't produce world music, get this CD anyway because, let's face it, there's nothing quite like the sound of an African choir."

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