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EBM 2.0

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    Industrial Strength

    EBM 2.0

    'EBM 2.0' by Industrial Strength is a huge collection of EBM samples, Carbon Electra presets, and additional production audio assets.

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    • 2705 files / Royalty-Free

    Product Information

    'EBM 2.0' by Industrial Strength is a huge collection of EBM samples, Carbon Electra presets, and additional production audio assets. 

    With this pack you get massive kick drums, percussion, hard snares, bass-lines, hard synths, FX, top loops, noises, rough hi-hats, atmospheres, EBM hits, distorted kick loops, pads, and soundscapes. 'EBM 2.0' also offers a set of amazing presets for Carbon Electra also rendered as 24-Bit samples including evolving bass sounds, synths, FX, leads, and drones.
    Product Details:
    • 202 Carbon Electra Presets
    • 29 MIDI Loops
    • 31 Loop Kits (Loops, Shots, Drums, Bass, Music Elements)
    • 26 MIDI Bassline Files
    • 15 Atmos 
    • 44 EBM Bass Lines 
    • 15 Drones 
    • 20 FX Shots 
    • 10 FX Loops
    • 30 Kick Loops
    • 30 Kick Drum Shots
    • 55 NI Massive Audio files
    • 30 Pads
    • 30 Percussion Loops
    • 20 EBM Sequences
    • 10 Ride Shots 
    • 10 Hat Shots
    • 10 Clap Shots
    • 30 EBM Synth Sounds 
    • 35 EBM Synth Loops
    • 25 Effected Vocals 
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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    Customer Reviews

    EBM? Not really! Don't get me wrong - this...

    by Joerg Seifert

    EBM? Not really! Don't get me wrong - this collection contains loads of great stuff for producing electronic music. BUT - not for EBM specifically that I know for about 35 years right now. The presets for Carbon Electra are really cool and they are very close for using them in a EBM / Dark Electro production - but only if you own the VST...
    Bottom line: buy this pack if you want to produce some sort of "dirty" electronic music or to use it in a remix. You'll get everything to get started and some nice inspiration.
    Rating 3,5 of 5

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