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Foley FX

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Industrial Strength

Foley FX

'Foley FX' from Industrial Strength Samples features a large collection of real life sounds, industrial machines, drum shots and nature sounds.

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  • 915 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Foley FX' from Industrial Strength Samples features a large collection of real life sounds, industrial machines, drum shots and nature sounds. 

'Foley FX' has combined Foley sounds with a imaginative set of organic drum shots that can be used in music production. These super tight experimental samples are combined with an additional set of deep bass and FX samples making this pack a complete, well rounded modern Foley production pack. 
This Royalty-Free source of 24-Bit audio can be used in films, short clips, games, and of course music production. This pack works well with Ambient, Drum & Bass, Techno, Industrial and Tribal music.
The WAV samples offered in this pack can also be layered in with other sounds to create new and exciting tones and textures for video and electronic music producers. There is no limit to what you can do with this collection. Just check out the four Rob Humanoid demo tracks.
'Foley FX' will indulge you with a huge selection of recordings including animals, computer tech, humans, impacts, metallic sounds, Sci-Fi, work tools, weapons and more. Also included are NI Battery 4 kits with the drum foley sounds that were created while producing this pack. 
You can also combine any other Industrial Strength FX packs with 'Foley FX' to expand your sonic palate. 'Foley FX' works very well with textures, drone, wind up, drum n noise, drop, evil machines, and effected sounds.
Based in Ireland, producer Rob Humanoid has been a sound designer and producer for over a decade. When he is not smashing objects and recording the results he spends much of his time producing and mixing Drum n Bass and Dark industrial EDM. This combination has been realised in the production of this Industrial Strength FX pack.
Product Details:
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality  
• WAV & NI Battery 4 Files 
• 23 Bass Sounds
• 18 Foley Drum Loops
• 27 Foley FX
• 42 Kick Drum Impacts 
• 63 Hi Hat Shakers 
• 18 Misc Hits
• 39 Foley Snares
• 12 Foley Drum Kits
• 67 Foley Drum Shots
• 49 Animal Sounds
• 115 Household Objects
• 54 Human Sounds
• 33 Impacts
• 10 Industrial Machines 
• 37 Metallic Sounds
• 19 Reverse Sounds
• 67 Sci-Fi Sounds
• 17 Crumples
• 30 Squeeks and Creeks
• 20 Vehicles
• 7 Weapons 
• 31 Wooshes and Whips
• 9 Nature
• 8 Work Tools
• 8 Computer Tech Sounds
• 5 Miscellaneous Sounds
• 4 NI Battery 4 Kits

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