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Killer Frenchcore

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    Industrial Strength

    Killer Frenchcore

    'Killer Frenchcore' is an amazing show stopper weighing in at 450 MB of pure content and features all the tools you need to pop off your next Frenchcore banger. This pack offers up 240 kick drums that are essential to Frenchcore productions or remixes.

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    • 639.73MB (Unzipped)
    • 45 sec @ 85Mbps
    • 548 files / Royalty-Free

    Product Information

    'Killer Frenchcore' is an amazing show stopper weighing in at 450 MB of pure content and features all the tools you need to pop off your next Frenchcore banger. This pack offers up 240 kick drums that are essential to Frenchcore productions or remixes.

    Offered up are finished kicks, kick loops, attacks and sustains so you can recreate your own Bass Drums by just using this one sample pack. This killer pack also includes a wicked set of synth loops, breaks drum shots and FX that delivers real inspiration for you hardcore heads looking to take it up a notch.
    'Killer Frenchcore' is another off-the-hook sample pack from ISR and if you bought any other hard audio collections you know they take pride in having the most usable sounds around. And of course, this pack is 100% Royalty-Free for you to use. No stone was left unturned in the creation of this monster 24-Bit WAV collection. All the sounds were made from the ground up to insure that you have real Frenchcore signature sounds from this amazing underground artist.
    The pack will also work very well with DJ Mutante's first pack 'Frenchcore', as well as OGM's 'Extreme Frenchcore' and of course the head-banging 'D-Tox: Ultimate Frenchcore' sample collection. 'Killer Frenchcore' also features new track starter Kits, so you can start kicking up sound as soon as you get this incredible selection of core audio into your DAW.
    It does not even begin to stop there. ISR also teamed up with 5KRO Media to create another custom Drum Destroyer GUI for the Native Instruments Kontakt sampler. This custom GUI was designed from the ground up giving you extreme control over each sample like never before. The instrument delivers savage signal chains with reverb, delays, distortion, EQ and a mean set of dual filters so you can mangle up these killer sounds like a pro. 
    This rocking NI Kontakt version also includes all the sounds from Killer Frenchcore and DJ Mutante's first 'Frenchcore' sample collection. You get all this audio all in one killer instrument. Don't miss this latest edition of this ever-growing collection Hardcore instrument collections. If you use NI Kontakt, this is a must-have addition to your production toolbox.
    If you are seeking the most up front, high quality audio for this fast-paced style of Hardcore, then Industrial Strength Samples has got you covered every which way but loose.  They really know a thing or two about hard electronic sounds, so expect the best of the best.
    Kontakt Version:
    • 1 NI Kontakt Frenchcore Drum Destroyer Instrument with Custum GUI
    • Features Both 'Killer Frenchcore' & 'Frenchcore' collections
    ​Audio Only Version:
    • 30 Drum Sounds
    • 45 Drum Loops
    • 53 Sound FX
    • 10 Industrial Snares
    • 73 Frenchcore Kicks
    • 73 Frenchcore Kicks Loops
    • 28 Hardcore Kicks
    • 28 Hardcore Kicks Loops
    • 10 Attack Kicks
    • 30 Attack Kicks Loops
    • 20 Synths Loops
    Track Builder 1:
    • 5 Kicks
    • 5 Pads
    • 16 Scratches Loops
    • 6 Synths Loops
    Track Builder 2:
    • 5 Kicks
    • 5 Pads
    • 15 Scratches Loops
    • 5 Synths Loops
    Track Builder 3:
    • 5 Kicks
    • 5 Pads
    • 12 Scratches Loops
    • 5 Synths Loops

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