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'Crunkzilla' from Ueberschall ia a totally new sampling sensation comprised of Crunk-based grooves and shots. This mammoth release provides 2 GB of delights in the form of 40 Construction Kits ranging in tempo from 67 to 145 BPM.

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  • 2.19GB (Unzipped)
  • 2 min 39 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 5 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Crunkzilla' from Ueberschall ia a totally new sampling sensation comprised of Crunk-based grooves and shots. This mammoth release provides 2 GB of delights in the form of 40 Construction Kits ranging in tempo from 67 to 145 BPM.

Kits include main and variation folders with all loops used to make the structure of the mix, as well as single shot folders for the drum samples with genuine flavor and trends from actual Crunk Music plus surrounding styles, such as Dirty South and Hip Hop.

Crunk Method:

'Crunkzilla' offers a jumbo variety of style accurate drum loops, synth patterns, basslines, chord progressions, atmospheres, percussion and FX-sounds, which can be painlessly bonded to one another. BPM information and root key (key signatures) are embedded in all loop file names, streamlining the selection process.

With the included Elastik Player content comes setup for direct use. Elastik also provides effects processing, such as filter, pitch, reverse and more, for each key in the Elastik interface. Instantly modify BPM, Pitch and Loop point settings for an ideal fit with highly effective organization and tools to quickly develop new arrangements.

Professional Use:

• Songs/Mixes
• DJ/Club Sets
• Game Audio
• Film Score


Responsible for this Ueberschall production are Tuny Chris and Marc Steinmeier—A team, who have collaborated on dozens of productions and remixes for headliners including Kanye West, Eminem, Christina Aguilera and others. Get Crunkified!


• 2 GB content
• 40 Crunk Construction Kits
• 940 Loops and Samples
• Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS
• Elastik Player included - no sampler required.

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Press Reviews

Computer Music, 11/2008

by Computer Music

Computer Music, 11/2008

If you’re into crunk and similar forms of hip-hop, you’re sure to love some of the huge sounds packed on to this sound bank. You’ll find all the ghetto synths and lazy claps you could want, with deep bass grooves and a few exotic live sounds for good measure. There are 40 construction kits, each containing a selection basic loop elements and a single-hit drum kit. Every kit is well labelled with the root of the key and the sample tempo. Be aware, though, that you can only access the sounds through the inclu- ded Elastik player, as is the case with numerous other Ueberschall products.
Rating: 8/10

Music Tech Mag, 11/2008

by Music Tech Mag

Music Tech Mag, 11/2008

As musical styles converge and mutate, there’s seemingly no name too daft for the latest hybrid of two genres. And so it is that we have ‘crunk’, a sort of hyper-produced love child of electro and hip hop but without, in this reviewer’s opinion, the redeeming qualities of either... If you need to know what it sounds like, sit down and watch The Fast and The Furious or something similar in which lots of big, tattooed guys in fast cars square off against one another in the California sunshine.
This is a 2GB sample set wrapped in the Elastik Player and features, according to the box, ‘genuine fla- vour and trends from actual crunk music’ (in case you were concerned that you were getting some sort of pseudo-crunk sounds, heaven forbid). The samples are well-produced and highly polished, consisting mainly of beats, synths, basses and effects. These are provided in mixes and as single drum kits, which you can mix and match.
This library comprises mostly double-time hi-hats, synthetic beats, stammering synth orchestra hits and staccato acid synth arpeggios. Devoid of the repeated, aggressive shouting that usually accompa- nies crunk tracks, t sounds almost musical in places, but ultimately it’s a heavy, insistent and blatantly unforgiving style tht you’ve probably heard blaring out of a mobile phone on the top deck of a bus – especially if you live in London.
There’s nothing wrong with this sample set at all. If you’re a crunk fan you will love it to bits as it is a perfect sample set for building tracks in this style. But if you’re not, it’s pretty hard to swallow.
Verdict A well-produced and authentic crunk sample set, but probably reserved for fans of the genre only.
Rating: 7/10

Crunkzilla, 12/2008


Crunkzilla, 12/2008

Since the extravagant american producer Lil Jon brought the singer Usher on top of the worldwide charts in 2004 (...) we can hardly imagine the Billboardcharts without Dirty South and its „Crunk-Sty- le“.
The typical elements of Crunk are simple but good working synth-melodies with a heavy and punchy sound and modified 808-Drums that shake every dancefloor. Last but not least it‘s due to the individual sound of the genre that the producers gain such a high success. (...)
Despite the appearently necessary individuality of the sound the german based sample producers „Ue- berschall“ had the heart to release a sample DVD in summer 2008 that aims on enthusiasts of crunk music. In Hip Hop Ueberschall already set a new standard with „Urbanic Producer Pack“ but can they also do with Crunkzilla?
The answer is strict and simple: yes.
For almost 100 Euro the customer becomes almost two gigabyste samples that sound as if they were coming straight from the south of the USA. If you are listening to the latest HipHop Charts you‘ll recog- nize that Ueberschall hit the bull‘s-eye. (...)
No other competitor produces so well produced construction kits within this genre. Even the melodies and beats are very versatile so that you can produce club hip hop as well as minimalistic RnB without any difficulties. Between the range of 67 to 145 BPM there should be something for everybody. (...)
Especially the quality of the single sounds knows how to convince and can keep up with every profes- sional production. Producer and friends of american HipHop can grab that thing - despite the relatively high price.
Author: Philipp Cluse
Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

Sound&Recording, 05-2009

by Sound&Recording

Sound&Recording, 05-2009

(...) 2 GB Samples splitted into 40 Construction-Kit which can be triggered via Ueberschalls Elastik-Player. The Menu of the kits is only seperated into Kits and single drums. (...) Crunk shows a direct connection to HipHop: Groove and aggression are very gangsta-like, the sawtooth-hooklines sound a little epic and „Yomanwhatareyoulookin‘at“??
(...) Not very inventive but real and groovy.
Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

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