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    'Scoretrax' from Ueberschall offers royalty-free library music for Video, Film, Flash, TV, Advertising, Animation, Games, Music on hold, Multi-media, Education, Broadcast, and Website Producers. 'Scoretrax' includes 300 selected tracks and over 40 different Music Styles.

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    'Scoretrax' from Ueberschall offers royalty-free library music for Video, Film, Flash, TV, Advertising, Animation, Games, Music on hold, Multi-media, Education, Broadcast, and Website Producers. 'Scoretrax' includes 300 selected tracks and over 40 different Music Styles.

    All styles were produced by the award-winning sampling Producer Ueberschall. No additional license fee is required.

    Music Styles:

    Ambient, Bar Jazz, Beat, Big Beat, Blues, Bossanova, Brazil, Breakbeat, Computer Music, Country, Dance, Dancehall, Dirty South, Downbeat, Drum n Bass, Easy Listening, Electro, Eurodance, Film music, Folk, Funk, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Jazz Rock, Latin, Metal, Nu Metal, Pop, Pop Ballade, Psycho, Punk, Raggae, RnB, Rock, Samba, Soul, Surf, Swing, Synth Pop, Techno, Trance, Trip Hop, Western.


    Each of the 300 Tracks are divided into 6 loops for more flexible use:

    • The Complete Mix
    • The Instrumental Part
    • The Drum Part
    • First Variation
    • Second Variation
    • Intro and Outro

    It`s easy to use in three steps:

    • Step 1: select a style
    • Step 2: select a track
    • Step 3: load it into your project

    With the fantastic possibilities of the Elastik engine you can set the tempo and key within seconds and combine the tracks with each other until they match perfectly. 'Scoretrax' Library Music Construction Kits - Load it - Use it!

    Press Reviews

    Music Tech Magazine, 2007-07-01

    by Music Tech Magazine

    Music Tech Magazine, 2007-07-01

    Music Tech, July 2007

    Scoretrax is a royalty-free loop playback engine pitched at anyone wanting to quickly
    assemble music soundtracks for audiovisual work. As such, Scoretrax's bias is
    towards complete tracks rather than individual components (although drum loops and
    instrument parts are provided), which the user can sequence or combine with other
    elements to provide the required musical foundations. With more than 300 tracks to
    choose from and over 40 different musical styles, Scoretrax is certainly an eclectic
    beast, with something to cover almost every conceivable musical situation.
    An effective solution for video producers wanting to use loops as 'complete tracks'
    (especially given the diversity of included material), but Scoretrax is somewhat less
    inspiring as a music-production package.

    Music & PC, 2007-03-01


    by Music & PC

    Music & PC, 2007-03-01

    PC & Musik, 03-2007

    The DVD comes with 300 tracks out of 40 different music styles. All royalty free and ready to use. Each song consists of the complete mix, the instrumental part, the drum part, two variations and an Intro and an Outro. Those parts can be used to build up your own individual arrrangment.

    The advantage of the interface is the fast editing and the easy way to suite the material to your individual needs in tempo and pitch, while those parameters can be edited indivdually. It takes a little to get used to the circular editor but then the handling with the virtual turntable and the mouse is very intuitive. Extract loops out of a sample, create user-presets or export the material to wav, use the filter, envelopes, map modes and play samples backwards can be done within seconds.

    The embellishments of all musical circumstances do convince almost everytime. It‘s obvious that they were composed by people that have more then just a rough idea of what they were doing. „Pop“ might be a little to much like „muzak“ and here and there does the dance producer shine through. but besides that the material sounds very authentic. Especially the traditional genres beyond the dancefloor such as funk, soul, jazz, blues and all their cognated styles, also the orchestral phrases „score“. All sounds were recorded in 24-bit quality and sound like it.

    499 Euro / 599 USD might be a little much but you receive 300 license free tracks that can be arranged freely and pitched and stretched to your needs - which takes its time when you do it the usual way. Who is looking for a fast way to score his movies should listen to this production.

    translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

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