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Ethnic Flavours


    Ethnic Flavours

    Ethnic rhythms, instruments & vocals, plus hits & phrases. Heartily recommended to the amBitious world musician! Spiritual chants & Asian atmospheres to give your music exotic charm.

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    Ethnic rhythms, instruments & vocals, plus hits & phrases. Heartily recommended to the amBitious world musician!


    Ethnic Flavours includes spiritual chants & Asian atmospheres that will give your music that exotic charm that is so popular in today's music. Create mystic moods and amazing ambiences for maximum impact on the subconscious of your listeners!


    This collection was painstakingly recorded using superb exponents of the rhythmic art from many corners of the globe. It features a mixture of field and studio recordings and programming for maximum flavour and variation.




    • Tabla

    • Indian Flute

    • Talking Drums

    • Bells

    • Choirs

    • Pan Pipes

    • Oriental Percussion

    • Vocals




    • Rex

    • WAV

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    Press Reviews

    "Another disc from the Zero-G Creative...

    by Future Music Magazine (UK)

    "Another disc from the Zero-G Creative Essentials range, Ethnic Flavours is divided into three sections: Indian, African and Various. The Indian section is made up of 2 tracks containing shedloads of tablas along with clam pot and dholak loops and hits, Indian flute sounds and sitar notes and riffs. The playing is superb, with some wickedly speedy rolls and fills, and all the inflections and nuances are captured in the recordings.

    The African samples are made up of a range of percussion samples that includes talk drums, djembes, cabasa, cowbell and woodblock sounds, as well as African flute, guitar rhythms, penny whistle notes and African choir notes. Again there are plenty of excellent grooves, authentically played and cleanly produced across the board. The final section, Various, is made up of a globetrotting array of wind instruments ranging from British table pipes (no, neither have I...) to the South American quena. Useful samples, if a little lacking in variety.

    Overall, Ethnic Flavours is a strong collection; what it lacks in terms of uniqueness (there's nothing really out of the ordinary here) it makes up for in quality of sounds, flair of playing, and of course, the price. It's the usual Creative Essentials deal with the ROM section, with all samples also presented in WAV and AiFF file format for PC and Mac users to import directly. it's a good feature, but be aware of the relatively short duration of the two sections."

    "Ethnic Flavours is not, as I had hoped,...

    by Sound On Sound Magazine (UK)

    "Ethnic Flavours is not, as I had hoped, a 'scratch and sniff' curry menu, but a cocktail of hits, grooves and wind instruments from around the world. Starting out with tabla rhythms and Indian flute riffs and note samples, the library progresses to African rhythms and sounds, including talking drums and bells. There are also ections of rhythm guitar, multisampled choir notes and operatic-sounding female vocal phrases.

    The disc concludes with various sounds from China, including flutes, Japenese percussion and a few South American instruments, among which are some nicely recorded pan-pipe multisamples."

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