Global Tech House

'Global Tech House Vol 1' is the first in a stunning new series of expertly-produced Tech House Construction Kit an...

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£12.48 GBP

Sold Out: Presets Bundle 2021

    D-Fused Sounds is proud to release "Sold Out:Presets Bundle 2021", a gigantic collection of over 1800 total files i...

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    Elements - Modern Scoring Synth

      Modern scoring synth from the creator of the award winning Ethera series Stefano Maccarelli, 'Zero-G Elements' is a...

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      £73.29 GBP

      Juggernaut 808s 2

        ... by Bang Bang Productions is a Kontakt Library filled with 808s, subs, bass, and special FX 808s. These 808s wil...

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        £17.92 GBP

        Vintage Electric RnB

          ... by Zero-G presents a collection of Electronic Soul and RnB Dance sounds of the mid-80s!...

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          Reggae Meets Trap

          • 60% off

          ... by Dreadstar Vocals is a giant cross genre sample pack featuring laid back Reggae vibes fused with modern Trap...

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          Impromptu Electric Guitars

            ... by Zero-G is an incredible tool for creating beautiful evolving Cinematic guitars....

            Price $55.09 USD

            £41.63 GBP

            EPICA Redux

              'Epica Redux' by Zero-G has been produced by Sam Spacey who also produced the highly-acclaimed Phaedra and Epica Ba...

              Price $52.88 USD

              £39.96 GBP

              STAMINA Production Toolkit

                'STAMINA' by Zero-G is a Kontakt instrument that is designed with the songwriter in mind. In a world where life is...

                Price $29.72 USD

                £22.46 GBP

                ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices

                  ... by Zero-G and Xfonic presents the latest addition to the Ethera Collection. The Ethera Collection consists of E...

                  Price $58.40 USD

                  £44.13 GBP

                  Pop Vox Beats Bundle 1

                  ... by Roundel Sounds is here to truly level up your vocal library and not just that! With 12 vocal construction ki...

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                  Opacity II

                  • 35% off

                  ... by Audiomodern is a boutique collection of Cinematic Guitar and professional six-string performances that will...

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                  £48.21 GBP

                  Book Of Sounds 2

                    ... by Modern Producers features a timeless Kontakt library, something you could pull up 10 years from now and the...

                    Price $30.87 USD

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                    Underground Percussions 2099

                    • 30% off

                    ... by D-Fused Sounds is a set of fresh, inspiring and futuristic percussion samples for today's electronic produce...

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                    £7.23 GBP

                    ETHERA Gold Intimate Vocals

                      'Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals' by Zero-G is part of the Ethera Gold series. It includes two amazing new Vocal True L...

                      Price $46.26 USD

                      £34.96 GBP

                      Impromptu Textural Percussions

                        ... by Zero-G is an incredible tool for creating amazingly beautiful, eerie and complex soundscapes....

                        Price $55.09 USD

                        £41.63 GBP

                        Ethnik FX

                        ... by ThaLoops features rare stringed instrument licks, bends and other one-shot samples recorded and designed wit...

                        Price $11.02 USD

                        £8.33 GBP

                        Disco House Foundations

                          ... by Zero-G is a library based on 32 unique and mesmerising construction kits, inspired by the disco and club sou...

                          Price $36.34 USD

                          £27.46 GBP

                          Ignition - Science Fiction Sounds

                            'Ignition' by Zero-G is a highly versatile sci-fi themed cinematic KONTAKT instrument and multi-format sample libra...

                            Price $66.11 USD

                            £49.96 GBP