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'Beastmode' is the absolute dream library for any urban producer when it comes to Kontakt. For this...

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'Global Tech House Vol 1' is the first in a stunning new series of expertly-produced Tech House Cons...

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Singomakers are back with volume 3 of Amapiano Hitmaker! An inspiring sample pack full of catchy mel...

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Introducing Afro House Essence Vol. 2 - the ultimate sample pack for Afro-house music producers! Fea...

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Do you love techno? Do you want to create amazing and unforgettable tracks that will mesmerise liste...

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Cycles & Spots are back with a great auto-generating instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor which...

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Cycles & Spots developed another fine instrument for NI Reaktor, a sampler filled with 1980s flavore...

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Another great additive synthesis based synth for Native Instruments Reaktor from Cycles & Spots grea...

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Cycles & Spots present another cool synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor, this time additive s...

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Cycles & Spots strike back with another fresh instrument for NI Reaktor – a drum machine with prob...

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Cycles & Spots are back with another instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor, a poly synth especia...

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Cycles & Spots deliver a new version of Deep Minimal Trax Maker. Sharing the same versatile engine o...

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Cycles & Spots are back with another great Reaktor instrument. SampleMod turns your samples or loops...

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Cycles & Spots sampled sounds from digital synthesizers of the 80s and used these as the basis to cr...

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Cycles & Spots crafted another great instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor. This one consists of...

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Cycles & Spots are back with another great instrument for Reaktor. Beatbox is a drum machine includi...

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Cycles & Spots designed a synthesizer for NI Reaktor by remodeling a bunch of iconic gear from the 1...

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Cycles & Spots came up with a superb wavetable synth for Native Instruments Reaktor suitable for num...

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Celestial Visions by Ergo Kukke is a multi-layered tonal and textural Kontakt instrument featuring g...

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SHIVER is a comprehensive collection of chilling and macabre sound elements designed to send shivers...

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'Mainstream Pop' by Nolyrics is a super loaded Pack with 194 WAV Loops, 111 MIDI Files, 131 One-Shot...

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Welcome to Ethera Gold Prometheus, the ultimate male vocal sample library for cinematic and video ga...

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EXTREME MODULAR ENVIRONMENTS is an amazing and unique sound design tool that allows you to quickly a...

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'Ethnic Trip Bundle' by LBandyMusic comes loaded with 460 WAV Loops, 48 MIDI Files, 140 One-Shots, a...

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Bang Bang Productions had a huge success with their product 'Juggernaut 808s' so it was only fair th...

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'Alien DNA' is an otherworldly Kontakt Library by the audio astronauts at BigWerks. Inside you'll fi...

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'Blue Rose II' is a collection of chilled, smooth sounds. Categories include beautiful guitars, smoo...

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Tonepusher is proud to present Industrial Metal Drums, a multi sampled velocity sensitive Acoustic D...

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D-Fused Sounds is proud to release "Sold Out:Presets Bundle 2021", a gigantic collection of over 180...

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