... is the new addition to Roundel Sounds' vocal pack Construction Kits series. In this product you'll find some cr...

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      ... includes six projects collected from best selling products are updated and overloaded. This bundle includes six...

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        ... features 128 Spire patches inspired by the top Deep House artists and festivals from all over the world. These...

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          ... brings you top quality sounds from one of the most popular synthesizers on the market, brought to you by a prof...

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            ... is loaded to the max with the heaviest bass drums and FX around. This pack offers you a large set of bass drums...

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              ... is a new line of Construction Kits loaded with male and female vocals, as well as instrument stems in WAV and M...

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              ... from Nano Musik Loops features a Progressive Trance FL Studio Project. Get your hands on this EDM project with...

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              ... is a huge collection of Spire presets & video tutorials organised into 60 Spire presets, 60 ReSpire presets and...

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              ... from Smokey Loops presents a new big collection of Spire Presets. In this pack you will find presets, loops, Re...

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                ... is ready to Pop up your popular music arsenal. Inspired by artists and producers such as Marshmello, The Chains...

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                ... from Sample Tools by Cr2 is an exclusive collection of sounds inspired by the likes of Solomun, SevenDoors, And...

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                ... from Smokey Loops presents a huge collection of Spire presets organised into 30 Spire presets, 30 ReSpire prese...

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                  ... from Sample Diggers is a chart-topping selection of pure Pop vibes designed to inspire and enrich your mixes. A...

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                    ... is for you if you're looking to produce a Pop style House track with vocal chop leads, Reggeton vibe beats and...

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