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The Beat Matrix

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    Sonic Flavours

    The Beat Matrix

    225 ReQuencer style combinators containing hip hop drumloops constructed in such a way that you can combine everything with everything. A 200+ bonus set of rexfiles is also included!

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    The Beat Matrix includes 225 ReQuencer style combinators containing hip hop drumloops constructed in such a way that you can combine everything with everything.


    The Beat Matrix - RACK VIEW


    The Beat Matrix is for Reason 4 and higher and is included in Sonic Flavour's giant Hip Hop Flavours refill, which can also be purchased as an instant download from this website!


    • 65 Redrum kits

    • 2,200+ one-shot drum & percussion samples

    • 20 mastering combinators

    • 40 Scream 4 patches

    • A 200+ bonus set of Hip Hop REX loops

    • 225 ReQuencer style Beat Matrix combinators


    The Beat Matrix Principle


    Every Beat Matrix combinator has 8 variations and when you turn the pattern knob completely to the left, no pattern will be playing but you can play the patch on your keyboard. The most important functions to tweak the sound are assigned to the combinator's controllers. There are 94 basic drum beat combinators with 8 variations each. Then you have 94 drum fill combinators with also 8 variations each based on their basic counter parts.


    In the processed drum beats section you'll find 39 more combinators with heavily processed sound settings adding lo-fied distorted flavours. Why Matrix? Once you start combining these combinators to create a unique beat and once you open up the combinators to change the presets of all modules like the redrums or the screams... the possibilities will be countless and you'll get there where you want to be within a couple of minutes.


    Be Creative!


    Please start to combine everything with everything and do your own unique thing. Tweak, change presets of modules that are embedded within the combinators, record new loops and import them back into Reason and tweak them more using all our gear. Of course everything within this refill is copyright free for those who have legally bought it, but you don't want to end up sounding like somebody else of course. So be creative! 


    MP3 Demos


    This is the same collection of demos that illustrates the possibilities of Hip Hop Flavours. This should give you a hunch of atmosphere and quality. This refill is about zillions of possible combinator combinations to get to a great drum beat and somehow it seemed kinda lame to put a bunch of naked assed drum loops over here while the written description of the idea behind this refill says so much more.

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