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Red Mouse Meets Thor

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    Sonic Flavours

    Red Mouse Meets Thor

    This Reason 4 compatible refill is an add-on product but can be used separately. Features over 250 patches that show off the sheer power and beauty of Reason's Thor Synthesizer!

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    Red Mouse Meets Thor is for Reason 4 and higher.


    Red Mouse Meets Thor Patches


    This Reason 4 reason refill is an add-on product for Red Mouse Workstation. However, it can also be used independently. Features over 250 patches that show off the sheer power and beauty of Reason's Thor Synthesizer!




    • Over 150 fresh Thor patches put into folders named: bass, bells, FX, keyboards, leads, pads, percussion, poly synths and sequences.

    • Over 100 combinator patches covering Thor and the RPG-8

    • Suitable for many styles but with a slight focus on analog sound characters.

    • This refill is an add-on and belongs to our Red Mouse Workstation but it can also be used seperately!


    The coming of Thor has been an enormous breakthrough for Reason's sonic capabilities. It has been a great challenge for Sonic Flavours to come with this refill so shortly after Reason 4 has been released. Thor is capable of doing practically everything you could want to do and much much more! It's possible to emulate vintage keyboards (clavinets, organs etc.) while attaining an extreme level of realism.


    Besides this, Thor can also sound as big and beautiful as its legendary predecessors. Of course, we are talking about Moog, Oberheim, ARP, Yamaha, Roland, Nord Lead, Access Virus, PPG etc.  Thor is already a legend on its own and Sonic Flavours have captured these legendary qualities in this refill.


    The Red Mouse explores worlds that have never been conquered before in Reason. Character, Atmosphere and Surprise are its main keywords. This refill is an add-on for our Red Mouse Workstation which means that this completes the Red Mouse palette making use of Thor and the RPG-8.



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