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Digital Art Trance Station

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    Sonic Flavours

    Digital Art Trance Station

    This trance construction refill for Reason 3.04 and higher covers many sub styles from commercial sounding Euro Trance, Epic Trance and Vocal Trance to more hypnotic and artistic styles like Psy Trance and Goa.

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    Digital Art Trance Station for Reason 3.04+ covers trance, Euro Trance, Epic Trance, Vocal Trance as well as hypnotic and artistic styles like Psy Trance and Goa.


    Digital Art Trance Trance Station 1 - RACK VIEW


    Trance Station is a great sound resource for experienced trance producers but it's also ideal for producers who are not yet familiar with this popular style. Trance Station's templates will get everyone going, new and experienced producers alike!


    About the Producer

    Trance Station was produced and compiled by the well known dutch producer/musician Wim Broersma a.k.a. Digital Art. Wim led the Sonic Flavour's team of sound designers towards this impressively complete and great sounding refill.




    • 150 Sampled FX.

    • 200 Combinators

    • Tailor made for trance and all its sub styles.

    • 100 RNS templates with phrases (inc. chords, basses, leads and arps)


    Included Sounds:


    • Pads

    • Leads

    • Drum Machines

    • 1,000 drum and percussion sounds

    • Whooshes, drops, bangs, lasers etc.


    Who needs another trance refill?


    This question is quite silly since there are not that many Reason refills produced especially for trance music. However, we couldn't name one as versatile and complete as Trance Station.


    So is Trance dead as the electro producers are saying? No, in fact, Trance music has been dominating the sales figures in the European music industry for over a decade and producers still get many requests to compose/produce Trance for AV, television, commercials, compilation albums and of course the dance scene.


    If you are on a trance job and still on the look out for great sounds, then Trance Station is the answer!


    Can you now sell your Roland, Nordlead, Virus or Waldorf Hardware Synths?

    No... of course not! These icons will always keep their value but you will definitely welcome Trance Station as a great addition to your sound. We trust however that lots of musicians will perform armed with a laptop, a copy of Reason and Digital Art's Trance Station. That's how confident we are in the product! If you make trance and you want to stand out from the crowd, then this one is an essential buy!

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