Alonso Sound is a sound design company that is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and service in the industry. Their mission is to offer customers the finest quality and best selection of products as well as the quickest service possible. Alonso Sound measures their success by the success of their clients, and their multiple products are prominent in professional and project studios throughout the world.

... is designed to speed up and inspire your workflow with uncompromising quality, and contains the nuances that ma...

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... features a huge arsenal of powerful uplifters, sub-rattling impacts, thunderous reverb kicks, whole ambiences, ...

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... contains those small nuances that make a track feel and sound complete. From drum rolls, to tonal risers, to Du...

$83.04 USD

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... is a collection of 128 patches that each represent a unique texture and inspiration. Uhe's Zebra2 is a wonderfu...

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... focuses on unique sounds for the new decade. This soundset comes with 128 sounds that will deliver a slap of in...

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Finally, the essential soundset for EDM producers is out! This soundset brings 128 fresh and powerful sounds for your Trance/Electro/Hardstyle and Dance productions.

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