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Spices of India Sample Pack


Spices of India

Zero-G Spices of India features a hot and spicy selection of Bhangra rhythms, instruments and vocals, hits and phrases. The emphasis is on rhythm and percussion, presented as sampled loops.

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Zero-G Spices of India features a hot and spicy selection of Bhangra rhythms, instruments and vocals, hits and phrases. The emphasis is on rhythm and percussion, presented as sampled loops.


The Dhol, Dholok, Ghara and Tabla, amongst many others are included, as well as some enlightening vocal extracts. The samples are grouped into homogenous "kits" of similar sounds and tempos.




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Press Reviews

"If there is a music that western...

by The Mix Magazine, UK

"If there is a music that western musicians would like to understand more about, or be able to use more of, it's has got to be the distinctive, traditional Indian sounds and harmonies. You can study the scales or know the names of the percussion tools, but to make these work in your own context takes a degree of understanding which might boarder on conditioning. Of course, the proverbial leg-up IS always a welcome boost, and Spices of India goes a long way to providing it.

The emphasis is on rhythm and percussion, often the most striking and accessible of this music's assets. It is presented as loops, rather than contextually naked hits, and only the most wayward of feet would have trouble tapping to each new and eye opening beat (not a rhyme to be proud of). The sounds are diverse, each one offering a new angle, and may be a new perspective on your own musical tastes. The Dhol, Dholak, Ghara, and Tabla, amongst many others, find a place in this selection, as well as some enlightening vocal extracts.

A translation of these skilful vocal exercises would have been a reassuring supplement (you never know - they might be offensive), though most people would not be able to resist a bit of cut, paste and fiddle here. If anything mars this extremely good collection, it is the noise floor. On some of the samples, hiss can get a little obtrusive. All things considered, this is a small price to pay (as is the RRP) for an accessible, wide ranging, and inspiring introduction to the sounds of India."

Rated 8/10

"More dodgy...

by Future Music Magazine, UK

Rated 8/10

"More dodgy ethnic ballast, you might well think, but this is actually a bit of a gem. As Bhangra sound collections go, Spices Of India is definitely one of the better ones, principally as a result of the diversity of samples to be found here.

Whereas many Eastern percussion CDs are bulked out with varied but clich├ęd tabla loops and little else, often performed by conga players with access to a few different drums but not necessarily the ability to play them properly, this bundle not only employs a host of different percussive implements - Dholaks, Chimptas and Gharas among them - but also includes non-drum sounds, vocal samples and bags of superb, intricately played loops.

Naturally the obvious limitations of a heavily stylised collection apply, and you might well find your tracks start following a previously unplanned path toward pseudo-ethnic soundscapes if you overdo it, but there are plenty of non-specific loops and sounds of th sort that would enhance many a flaccid rhythm track, and this is where these samples really come into their own.

If you're working in an Easter-flavoured trip hop or deep techno style, or perhaps developing more ambient tracks or soundscapes, this is a must, particularly at the price."

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