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Mystic Dream Pads 06: Dream State Sample Pack

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Sonic Flavours

Mystic Dream Pads 06: Dream State

MDP06 "Dream State" is dedicated to the charming sounding results of early age sampling that set out the pace of electronic music in the eighties. A MDP refill has never been this big before, check it out!

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Mystic Dream Pads 06 "Dream State" for Reason 4


Mystic Dream Pads 06 - RACK VIEW


The Story Continues


Ambient and electronic composers! This one's made for you. The main themes for this refill are dreams, space atmospheres, analog sound sculpturing and going back to the early age of sampling when Fairlight, Emulator and Synclavier were considered as being the ultimate magic music machines.


Vintage Sampling Techniques


Back in 1986 the producer of this stunning refill (Harding) bought himself the Emulator 2. No more than 17.6 seconds were available for sampling. Back then this was incredible! Inspired by the possibilities of flagships like the Emulator 2, Harding started working on this refill. He sampled lots of hardware synths and he even ripped some sounds from other MDP refills. And in most cases he sampled only one note! No multi-layering hypersampling tricks. The sounding results can be heard on the demos on this page.




• Over 150 combinator patches
• 28 tutorial RNS files
• Over 400 mb's of samples
• NN-XT and Malström are use in 200 patches
• Wonderful and inspiring RPG-8 combinators
• New spacious settings for the RV7000
• One Thor patch and one Subtractor patch!
• We still love those two of course


2-Track Archives


2 Track Archives

Sonic Flavours have included about 40 samples from their 2-Track Archives refill. These samples are taken from the original, analog master tapes and sound deliciously vintage. Just open up one of our monotones combinators, then open the NN-XT editor, select the sample and exchange it with one of these 2-Track Archive samples by using the sample browser.


This is a fun thing to do and it's great to come to surprising ambient textures. Don't forget to down pitch the samples at least one octave!


Malström completes the palette


Malström Image 


Reason's Malström perfectly completes the overall sound character of MDP06. All of its patches are designed to be used stand alone without effects. Spaciousness can also be achieved by proper handling of your envelopes and making use of the stereo spread knob the Malström has. Using these patches in combination with our combinators will bring contrast and depth into your arrangements.

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