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Mystic Dream Pads 07: Ambient Mission

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    Sonic Flavours

    Mystic Dream Pads 07: Ambient Mission

    The Malström was the only synth used to create these sounds which were sculptured for a colourful but normally soundless under water world. MDP07 is great for all styles though!

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    Mystic Dream Pads 07 "Ambient Mission" for Reason 3.04 and higher.


    Mystic Dream Pads 07 - RACK VIEW


    Musical Atmospheres for a colourful but soundless world


    To get inspiration for this seventh part of our MDP-series the sound designers at Sonic Flavours watched lots of old James Bond movies as well as the beautiful documentaries by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. It was the breathtaking atmosphere of underwater scenes we were mainly heading for. The Malström was the only supplier of sounds with which they sculptured a sonic background for this silent world.


    Sweet with a Bite


    Malström Image


    Malström has been praised many times but as far as we know this is the first commercial refill ever that has been fully dedicated to it's wicked charms and countless possibilities. Its sound character perfectly matches our amBition to give sound to the silence of the oceans. Most sounds are constantly on the move and full of life... Never a dull moment: Depth, Clarity, a little Raw and Sweet with a Bite!


    Musical Instrument


    Malström is not just a soft synth but it's a musical instrument capable of producing or reproducing just about anything you could wish for. Apart from pads, you'll find great drum and percussion sounds, guitars and ethnic string instruments, soundscapes and beautiful leads.


    The modulation wheel and velocity sensitivity play a very important part in bringing these patches to life.  Sonic Flavours always focus on these things while designing sounds, but this time they gave this some extra attention since this is exactly where Malström excels, compared to other instruments.

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